From Friday, fuels will become 9-9 forints more expensive

The price of diesel is close to the psychological limit of HUF 500.

Gasoline and diesel prices also rose on Wednesday, and fuel prices will continue to rise on Friday. 95 liters of petrol and diesel will also be 9-9 forints more expensive gross – writes the

The average price of 95 petrol will be 482 HUF / liter, and that of diesel 493 HUF / liter. The reason for the rise in prices is that the price of crude oil has risen above $ 83 on the world market in a few days.

The price of diesel is close to 500 forints on Friday, wrote earlier, this is the psychological limit when 66 percent of motorists are already trying to significantly reduce their car use.

A now he writes that the VAT content has already reached 100 forints with the rise in prices on Wednesday. This has never been the case in Hungary. According to the portal, the tax content of fuels is huge at 229.7 forints per liter of petrol, which is 48.6 percent of the total retail price. In the case of diesel, it is HUF 217.1, or 44.9 percent of the price.

In a statement, the Democratic Coalition also reacted to Wednesday’s price increase by saying “It will be tied to the Orbán government to the highest fuel ever”. According to the party, this is an ugly failure. It is recalled that years ago, when the price of fuel did not even reach 250 forints, Fidesz operated an “what a circus” in opposition.


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