from good weather to storms in a matter of days

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The stable weather will continue this Monday and Tuesday throughout the country but As of Wednesday, the weather will change due to the arrival of an Atlantic storm that will bring rains and storms to large areas of the Peninsula, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

AEMET spokesperson, Rubén del Campo, explained that this weekend the temperatures were “consistent” with the time of year, with night frosts in the interior of the Peninsula, and has specified that the most intense occurred especially in the center, in mountain areas and on the northern plateau.

Thus, he pointed out that this Monday began with low temperatures, such as -6 degrees centigrade (ºC) in Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara). In addition, he has predicted that the stable weather “has at most two days left” because on Wednesday a storm will hit the west of the Peninsula that will produce a “marked” change in weather.

For the time being, the anticyclonic weather will guarantee slightly cloudy or clear skies, except for the formation of morning fogs in the valleys of the great rivers and in coastal areas due to the cloudy intervals. The maximum temperatures this Monday will be similar to the previous day but on Tuesday they will fall in the northern half and central zone, between 2ºC and 4ºC, although they will exceed 22ºC in Andalusia and 20ºC in points of the Cantabrian.

Likewise, the spokesperson has highlighted the thermal amplitude that will occur in the interior of the peninsula, with uA difference from morning to night that may exceed 20ºC in points of the northern plateau and central moorlands.

On Tuesday morning the night frosts will be repeated in these points although they will not be as extensive as this Monday. On Tuesday afternoon, the passage of a frontal system will cloud the skies at the western end of the Peninsula, with rains in Galicia in the western part. The rains will spread to the rest of the Galician community and to the nearby areas of Asturias, León and Zamora.

You can also rain in the Strait area on Tuesday afternoon where Levante will blow hard. There will also be strong gusts of wind from the southwest on the Galician, Cantabrian and Pyrenees coastlines.

On Wednesday the change of weather will be “more obvious”, since it will be when the Atlantic storm arrives and del Campo anticipates rains in Galicia, west and south of Castilla y León, Community of Madrid, Extremadura, west of Castilla-La Mancha and western Andalusia. These precipitations will be accompanied by storm And the spokesman has not ruled out that they may be in the form of snow in the Cantabrian Mountains at elevations above 2,800 meters.

The winds will be temperate and from the south, so the environment will not be “especially” cold. Del Campo added that, in fact, on Wednesday night temperatures will experience a “notable rise” in the western half of the peninsula, although night frosts will continue in the central and southern moorlands of Aragon.

During the morning of Wednesday, the abundant cloudiness will cause the thermometers to drop except in the Mediterranean area, since there, although there will be medium and high clouds, no rain is expected, as in the eastern Cantabrian and in general in the eastern half of the peninsula.

The end of the front will also affect the Islands Canary Islands and will leave rains, possibly accompanied by storms, in the north of the islands of greater relief.

Rains in the Mediterranean

The Thursday the rains will continue in the Canary Islands and in a good part of the Peninsula, especially in the western half and central zone. Del Campo has focused attention especially on the rains that will occur in the Central system, Extremadura, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Western Andalusia.

This day the rains will also be present in the Mediterranean area and the most intense will occur in the north of the Valencian Community, especially in points of the coast. The snowfall will occur in the Central system and in Andalusian mountains at levels over 1,300-1,700 meters.

On Thursday, temperatures will drop in the western half and increase in the Mediterranean area and in the eastern Cantabrian, as well as in the Balearic archipelago where the rains will not arrive and may exceed 22ºC.

Where will it rain on the ‘weekend’?

Heading into the weekend, the storm will move eastward, which will mean that Rainfall recedes on the Atlantic slope but, instead, intensifies on the Mediterranean, where the rains will be locally strong and persistent, especially on Friday and in coastal points.

On Saturday, according to the spokesman, the day will be very similar to Friday and the rains will subside on Sunday due to the wind that from Friday will blow from the east and will send cloudiness to the Mediterranean communities, it will begin to blow from the north, which will cause an increase in the clouds in the Cantabrian.

Rainfall, Rubén del Campo has insisted, will not be protagonists at the weekend except in the Mediterranean area where it can be intense. Anyway, he has advanced that on Sunday another frontal system could reach the Galician community, while temperatures will generally rise during Saturday and Sunday.


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