From Holland to Eritrea, 17 countries and 13 regions: the Merchants are back, present but far apart

Bergamo. After last year’s forced stop, he returns “Merchants at the Fair”, With a great desire for recovery and a sense of responsibility. For this reason, the 19th edition chooses a significant subtitle: “Live Merchants responsibly… Present but spaced!

Along the two sides of the Sentierone there will be about 100 street vendors from all over Europe. The 2021 appointment, in fact, cannot forget that the pandemic crisis has hit the sector hard and someone has been forced to change jobs after 18 months of inactivity, while someone else is waiting to leave again in 2022. shift of date with respect to the traditional location of the event.

Maximum attention of the organizers regarding the safety of operators and customers: the food area, located in front of the office building with about 12 stands, will be perimeter and can only be accessed by presenting the Green pass. The same to walk along the two areas of stalls: however, the checks will not be at the entrance but on a sample basis. About twenty stewards and agents of the Bergamo local police who will be able to stop people and ask them to show green certification. In the event that he is not provided, the agents will trigger the sanction.

An Info-point will be set up where, by showing the green pass, you will be entitled to a bracelet that will allow you to tour the entire fair in peace for all four days, passing through the access gates without further checks.

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They will be 17 foreign countries present: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Russia, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Scotland, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Mexico, Eritrea, with those typical products and the curiosities that over the years have made the fair one of the most loved events by Bergamo people of all ages.

On the counters of the traders of each country there will be cheeses, flours, cold cuts, chocolate, spices, flowers and artisanal products, enriching the event with the scents and colors that distinguish it.

Nationally they will be 13 regions involved: Umbria, Trentino, Lombardy, Sicily, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Calabria, Sardinia, Veneto, Basilicata, Tuscany, Abruzzo.

Some Bergamo operators will also be present with typical local products, ie cheeses, salami, polenta, casoncelli, a sign that “Mercatanti in Fiera” is an event also awaited by local producers.

Explains Giulio Zambelli, president of Promozioni Confesercenti: “I do not deny a certain emotion for this new beginning, a sign of restart because ‘Mercatanti’ is a commitment, a job but also a party and an opportunity to experience our beautiful city with joy and serenity. The exhibitors will arrive at night, to ensure that in the morning the people of Bergamo can find the entire fair ready to welcome customers and above all to avoid inconvenience to the roads and to all those who have to go to work. This year we have done everything to organize a special edition that is very rigorous and respectful of the dictates of the Dpcm in force. We therefore ask all visitors to experience Mercatanti responsibly ”.

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Sergio Gandhi Deputy Mayor of Bergamo adds: “Mercatanti 2021 represent a further step in the path of rebirth and return to normality for our city, after the pandemic emergency. An event that we can put back on the calendar, albeit in a slightly reduced form, thanks to the progress we have made through the massive vaccination campaign in recent months, but we know how important it is to continue to have responsible behavior to leave the covid19 affair behind “.

Open all day: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 to 24; Sunday from 10 to 20

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