From Messi to Fati!Barcelona 10 completes inheritance and another painting is born_goal

Original title: From Messi to Fati!Barcelona 10 completed the inheritance and another painting was born

After receiving a pass from Ronaldinho to harvest Barcelona’s first career goal, Messi jumped on the back of Brazil’s big brother, which is a historic painting in the history of the team. And tonight, Barcelona gave birth to another famous painting. After breaking into the world wave in the first game of his comeback, Fati was lifted high by Araujo. In front of a group of big brothers, Fati yelled and threw his fists in a posture of “seeing the mountains and small mountains”. Fati, who inherits Messi’s No. 10 shirt, is destined to be a key figure for Barcelona’s future re-emergence.

323 days ago, Fati suffered a knee meniscus injury against Betis. Originally, the Barcelona team doctor thought that Fati only needed a recovery period of about half a year, but Fati’s recovery period lasted for nearly 11 months. Fati’s meniscus has been inflamed. He has undergone many operations and is under tremendous psychological pressure for this. But Barcelona’s senior officials have absolute trust in him. After Messi left the team, Fati was awarded the No. 10 meritorious jersey.

In Barcelona’s game against Levante tonight, Fati was replaced in the 81st minute. He did not feel the jerky feeling after half a year after being seriously injured. A few minutes after playing, Fati was tripped by Pablo Martinez behind his back in the penalty area. What is puzzling is that both the referee and the VAR referee were indifferent to this obvious penalty.

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Fati’s goal came in the 91st minute. In the midfield, Fati Marseille swooped past a defensive player and he drove the ball to the top of the arc. Fati suddenly changed direction to the right, swaying the defensive player in front of him. Barcelona’s new No. 10 then took a calm low shot with his right foot, and the ball went into the bottom left corner of the goal. In this goal, Fati’s performance is perfect, whether it is a breakthrough or a shot.

The teammates know what pressure and pain Fati has endured over the past six months. After Fati scored, many Barcelona players sprinted directly to his side, and Araujo even raised Fati high. Fati waved his fists and shouted. The 18-year-old seemed to be used to being a leader. Then Fati went to the stands and hugged the Barcelona team doctor Dill. He also high-five with his brother. Fati’s parents had already cried and hugged and celebrated in the stands.

“I didn’t expect to return in this way. I am very happy to score goals. I want to thank the doctors and physical trainers, as well as the fans.” Fati said after the game, “I also thought of my family after scoring a goal. They have been suffering in the past few months, and the club has given me great support. The number 10 jersey is not a pressure for me. I am proud to be able to pass on Messi’s jersey. I want to thank the club and the captains for wearing 10 We are Barcelona, ​​we will fight to the end for La Liga, the Champions League and all the championships!”Return to Sohu to see more

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