From Monday gasoline will drop between 2 and 4 more lempiras – Diario La Tribuna

Between 2 and 4 lempiras fuels will drop on Monday in sequence to the collapse of the barrel of oil in the international market.

The good news for consumers was issued by María Eugenia Covelo, executive director of the Honduran Council of the Petroleum Industry (Cohopetrol).

The most significant reductions will be applied to higher and regular gasoline and to a lesser extent to diesel.

In April, the average price of a barrel of crude from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is $ 21.02, compared to $ 33.91 in March, which represents a 38.01 percent decrease.

In the last twelve months, the price of a barrel of OPEC oil has fallen by 70.28 percent.

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