From Monday, it will be necessary to isolate those returning from Ireland, Belgium, part of the Greek islands

It is these countries and territories that have found themselves in the red zone following the update of the list of affected countries, the Ministry of Health said.

Travelers from the Czech Republic and Italy who have moved from the green and yellow zones will need to take the COVID-19 surveys before and after arrival, while those arriving from Norway will need one survey before the trip, as the country is in the green zone from Monday.

The general rules for those coming from abroad do not change: for those coming from red and gray area countries, a mandatory pre-trip examination and 10 days of isolation are required.

Two surveys are required for arrivals from Yellow Zone countries: before the trip and 3-5 days after arrival;
only one pre-trip survey is required for arrivals from green zone countries.

These requirements do not apply to travelers who have had COVID-19 in the last 180 days or have been vaccinated according to the full vaccination schedule and more than 14 days have elapsed since the last required vaccination.

The list of affected countries is updated every Friday and takes effect on Monday. All countries in the world are divided into four zones, which are subject to the relevant requirements.

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