From Santander to Cajamarca: Roca Rey revitalizes the passion for bullfighting in his native country

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The right-handed Andrés Roca Rey, who will do the paseíllo at the Santander fair this July 25 accompanied by Cayetano and Pablo Aguado (bulls owned by Antonio Bañuelos), is preparing to return to his native country with a clear objective in mind: to revitalize and strengthen the passion for bullfighting in the beautiful Andean territory. Next July 28, Roca Rey will travel to the province of Cajamarca, in Peru, where he will continue his hard work of bringing his art closer to those who wish to witness it in person.

Aware that not all bullfighting fans have the opportunity to travel to Lima, the capital, to see him fight, Roca Rey has made a brave decision: he will be the one to travel to the most important arenas in Peru, allowing a greater number of people to fulfill the dream of witnessing his bullfighting live.

The province of Peru is recognized for its humble people and their passionate hearts, and Roca Rey is aware of the impact that their presence can have on children, youth and fans in the region, as can be seen in the images of their recent visit to Chota and Cutervo. Her image has become an inspiring mirror for those who dream of achieving success in life, and her visit to Cajamarca is presented as a unique opportunity for these admirers to witness her courage, determination and perseverance on the road.

Roca Rey’s commitment to his native country is reflected in his determined work to bring bullfighting closer to all regions of Peru, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy a show that is more alive than ever and that Roca Rey carries as its flag, as we have seen at the recent San Fermín Fair in Pamplona where the entire square shouted Peru, Peru, Peru in unison. His return to Cajamarca on July 28 is one more example of his dedication and his desire to bring the emotion and fervor of bullfighting to all corners of the country where fans and companies demand it for that revitalization. This time he will do it together with the Spanish David Galván and the Frenchman Adriano.

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