From Skater to doctor during the coronavirus in El Salvador

From Skater to fight the coronavirus in the first row in El Salvador. Armando Elías left the skateboard to help attend to the confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the El Sitio del Niño Health Unit in the municipality of San Juan Opicio, in El Salvador. The staker is a volunteer because he is in his last year of medicine at the Autonomous University of Santa Ana.

The lover of the skateboard spoke for El Gráfico, where she expressed her feelings about all the staff inside the hospitals, In addition to confessing that despite having little time, there is always a space to skate, since this has been done since the age of 16, Of course, in these times of pandemic the future doctor does not go out to practice.

“I consider all health personnel to be the first line, no matter what they do, from the cleaning staff to the doctor who is in the hospital. We are all on the front line ”, The future doctor expressed because many people do not recognize the work of the rest of the people who risk their lives by being inside the health center.

Then he clarified that not because he is a skater he does not have a professional future, since one thing is not fighting with the other. “People stare at me strangely and wonder: ‘Is he a doctor, what doctor does he skate on?’ So everyone is surprised. This career that I have is heavy, but when he wants something he achieves it ”, Elías explained who every day takes time to skate after saving lives in the hospital.

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Message for the Salvadoran people

The 30-year-old knows that it is not easy to stay at home every day, that many cannot work and lead their normal lives, but he asks them to continue obeying the instructions established by the different health organizations and by the Government itself. National, where they indicate that the best way to fight against the coronavirus is to stay at home and keep a healthy distance when they go out to buy the pantry for the week.

“Let’s stay home and don’t go out for pleasure, let’s have preventive measures, hand washing, don’t touch our faces and keep our distance. Better safe than sorry, We are going to skate again, but if we do not follow the preventive measures, this will lengthen more, ”said Armando Elías.

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