From the airport in Plané next year to Greece and Turkey

“We think that this airport should serve the people of South Bohemia so that they can fly to holiday destinations from there. That’s why we were pleased by the interest of the Čedok company, which would like to organize flights to some tourist destinations next year,” said the governor of the South Bohemian Region, Martin Kuba.

According to him, some technical parameters are yet to be confirmed for the realization of such flights. “If everything works out, we can start working with Čedok. We should confirm this in mid-October,” he added.

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He specified that it is about air traffic management directly at the airport. “Colleagues from Air Traffic Control need to test our operators at the local airport. We also need to check all the parameters related to the track,” explained Kuba.

From Antalya to Rhodes

The general director of the Čedok Travel Agency, Stanislav Zeman, said that next year flights from Plana would fly to Antalya in Turkey and to the Greek island of Rhodes.

“We now fly from five regional airports, for example from Karlovy Vary. We have a long-term interest in České Budějovice and we hope that the cooperation will be successful. The largest number of tourists fly to Turkey, while the Greek island of Rhodes offers both cheaper accommodation and five-star hotels at higher prices,” stated Zeman.

Originally, the České Budějovice Airport was supposed to seek certification, but in the last few weeks, the regional management reached an agreement with the Air Traffic Control company, which will take over the flights in Planá. Traffic at the airport will therefore be controlled from a so-called remote tower, similar to the case with a number of other regional airports.

“Ostrava is also under consideration, from where they would manage traffic in Budějovice using modern technology. This system is already being used, for example, in Leipzig, Germany,” said Director of Air Traffic Control Jan Klas earlier.

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