From the case, Chertam Pinknavy was secretly photographed under her skirt. If encountered, how should we cope?

secretly taking pictures under a woman’s skirt Sexual harassment in a public place where women or victims should stand up and fight And if this happens, what should we do?

from the case Chertaem Wannakon or Chertaem Pinknavy net idol girl group Good hands secretly photographed under the skirt while going up the escalator at the Rangsit shopping mall But he noticed therefore shouting for help to catch the culprit

She recorded this event in a diary. and claim damages of 60,000 baht, with the perpetrator willing to pay And the police have compared a fine of 2,000 baht and charged with acts of bullying. let others be ashamed

A lover’s lawyer page has posted. The maximum penalty for peeping under the skirt is: Imprisonment for 10 years, fine of 2 hundred thousand! because of the offense of committing an indecent act by using mayhem to the body or mind according to Section 278 of P.O.A.

Data from the Safe Cities Network for Women page surveyed on 1,500 women in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region found that

36% “More than a third or have experienced sexual harassment while traveling on public transport.

makes today want to bring up this issue to warn that it’s very close It can happen anywhere, anytime, and if it happens, we How to deal with it?


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