“From the hinterland for the Lega there are comforting signs. No regrets, we worked well on the territory ”(video) – Sanremonews.it

Alessandro Pianavice president of the Region, running for Senate per Lega in the proportional share it comments in the heat, in its point of Imperiathe first results coming from the polling stations.

Analyzing the Imperia vote -dice Flat to our newspaper – dwe recall that comforting signals are coming from the hinterland because they say of a league that goes from 15/16 per cent up to 25/26/27 per cent. Then it is clear that the data of the coastal centers have yet to arrive, where it will tend to go down a lot. It is useless to reckon with the province of Imperia which is relatively small compared to the rest of Liguria, we should go to mediate with the percentages of the League in the province of Savona and especially in the province of Genoa in order to see if the seat in the Senate is triggered. or less. Moreover, the Five Stars seem to be healthy compared to what were forecasts before the vote. So, we remain optimistic “.

“The fact remains that we have no regrets because we worked well, the results in the area show it, more than this could not be done. We are happy because when you give your best there is never anything to complain about.”.

Did you expect more nationally?

Objectively at the national level we expected much more, it is clear and evident that we do not yet know which sections have been scrutinized and in which Regions. I understand that very few seats have been scrutinized in Lombardy, as I imagine also in Veneto. If that were the case, the percentages could rise to a comfortable 10/11 percent. At the moment we are below the threshold of 10. There will be work to be done but above all to reflect on what future political actions will be”, conclude Flat.

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