From the Tax Prosecutor to the Hunter in the Darknet

Marcus Paintinger

The public prosecutor is considered persistent, well-versed and enthusiastic.

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DusseldorfKarlheinz Schreiber: The name of the weapons lobbyist and trigger for the CDU donation scandal is the first major and important case of Marcus Paintinger. Nearly ten years ago, today's 45-year-old Augsburg prosecutor, Schreiber, sued and ultimately made sure that the strippers of the defense industry were sentenced to a long-term prison sentence in 2010 for tax evasion.

Three years later, however, Paintinger experienced what he himself described as the most spectacular moment of his career. The German prosecutor was present in the fall of 2013 when a Spanish police special forces squad stormed a luxury villa in a night action to arrest a man who was part of a gang specializing in sales tax fraud.

The fight against sales tax carousels became the trademark paintingers, who earned the reputation of being Germany's most successful hunter of such gangs. So successful that he was promoted to senior prosecutor. From Augsburg it went to Munich in 2018, where Paintinger continues to take care of organized crime, albeit in a different profession: He now suits drug traffickers, has their flourishing business in the Darknet in the sights. And he also brings an Augsburg VAT case to an end.

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