From the university to LGTBI rights: the US Supreme Court overthrows Biden’s laws

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The US Supreme Court has closed the judicial course, dealing a heavy blow to the agenda of President Joe Biden and rights defenders in general. If a year ago it was the repeal of the sentence that legalized abortion at the federal level, this week they were on the table the rights of the LGTBI community and university students.

On Thursday, the country’s highest judicial body ended positive discrimination for racial issues in universities, a quota system based on the race of the candidates that was intended to open the door to access to minorities such as African-Americans and Hispanics, with a percentage historically much lower than that of white students in universities throughout the country.

The Supreme Court concluded that both Harvard and the University of North Carolina violated the constitution in using race as a factor in the admissions process, a conclusion drafted by Chief Justice John Roberts and supported by the body’s five conservative justices. The three progressive magistrates opposed it.

“Many universities have wrongly concluded that the cornerstone of an individual’s identity is not challenges overcome, skills built, or lessons learned, but the color of their skin. Our constitutional history does not tolerate that decision“, indicates a part of the sentence.

Trump called the decision “a great day for America”. Biden called it a “major disappointment.” “It was not perfect, but there is no doubt that it helped to establish new bridges of opportunity for those who, throughout history, have often been deprived of the opportunity to demonstrate how fast they can progress,” he said. MichelleObamathe former first lady of the United States.

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