from training to chips, so he conquered everyone-

from Guido De Carolis

arrived amid general skepticism, but with the victory in the Super Cup against Juve it can open a cycle. The players feel more free with him, in total symbiosis with the club

First chapter: return from Reggio Emilia, after the success on Sassuolo. The Inter bus stops at the Autogrill, Barella and Brozovic spend 200 euros and buy chips, snacks and chocolates for the team. Second chapter. Inter won in Salerno, on a plane to Milan, the day after an afternoon training session is scheduled. The players ask Inzaghi to move him in the morning, so as to have a day and a half of rest. Granted. Third chapter: the eve of Real Madrid-Inter, off-wave in the conference at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Inzaghi asks Perisic: Are you tired Ivan ?. Not when you see something like that. Three mini stories to summarize the Inzaghi model, which can be summarized in one word: freedom.

The secret of winning and pleasant Inter is his approach to the group. At Inter we were under scrutiny, Simone was very good at being followed. We have changed something in the module, something of our own that we are carrying out. The group believes even more in its means
, the words of Massimiliano Farris, Inzaghi’s deputy, after having raised the Super Cup.

In June, when he was called to replace Conte, there was skepticism. In August they gave Juve as their favorite for the Scudetto, the coach remarked on several occasions. The Supercoppa victory is a passing of the baton and can mark the opening of a cycle for Inter. Inzaghi has collected a heavy legacy, he has set up a direct and accessible relationship with the players. It shares, compares, takes charge of the requests. After the victory, president Zhang congratulated the players and said he would give a prize to the boys, the words of the coach who became the group’s spokesman. The prize will be 500 thousand euros to be shared between the team group.

For Conte, the locker room would have thrown itself into the fire, an army armed to the teeth and willing to die. With Inzaghi the players say they feel more free. Each method has its moment, one not better than another, only more appropriate to the context. There is time for iron discipline and after 11 years of failures at Inter, General Conte was needed. The troop has internalized, grown. THEnzaghi understood that after the Scudetto something else was needed, he chose to be manager and enhancer.

He has kept the found tactical base, embellished it, leaving the players the opportunity to bring out their talent. Conte remotely controlled the victory, Inzaghi, as told by deputy Farris, added a more offensive interpretation, with the two central defensive players (Bastoni and Skriniar) incursions in the opposing half.

The management of Eppan changed. The workouts never last more than an hour, before they were even double, the tactics are done in a match and not with specific exercises, the video analyzes on the eve of the match. All the players involved, until the end no one knows if he will play, Inzaghi does not say the formation. The weekly schedule and no longer day by day, a welcome change in the locker room, footballers can organize their free time. Inzaghi an older brother, experienced as an expert footballer by the group that repays him with the results, the game, the commitment. Sanchez the emblem: from rejected to recovered, another story of redemption.

The coach in symbiosis with the club, always at his side. Never a word out of place towards the owners and management, which in these days is renewing the contract as a whole. The Inzaghi model has put the first trophy on the board, now he wants a second star, for that he needs the Scudetto. The long way, but the right method.

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