From Vargas Llosa to an expensive Italian volume: which books are recommended by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the second richest man in Mexico

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the second richest man in Mexico, who has a library with about 40,000 books, He recommends these readings to his followers, who have taught him about accounting, politics, and lifestyle.

The “The sum of the arithmetic, geometry, proportion, and proportionalita”(Summary of arithmetic, geometry, proportions and proportionality) by Luca Paccioli, is the book that the owner of Grupo Salinas recently boasted and recommended through his Twitter account.

The title, which delves into math, arithmetic, algebra, and accounting, it was written in Venice, Italy in 1494. It contains a complete summary of the mathematics of the Renaissance, in addition, it is the first printed book on algebra in a vernacular language, setting a new standard for argumentation and writing of the subject.

As stated by Salinas Pliego, it is the first edition of the volume, that is, it was printed in the 13th century. This means that he must have spent several million pesos to acquire it.

Although it is not known what the value of the book is, estimated to be worth over a million dollars. This is based on the costs that 15th and 16th century books have had in some auctions, for example, the “The First FolioConsidered the most important work in English literature, written by William Shakespeare in 1623, it was bought for 5.5 million dollars.

Although the title of Salinas Pliego is not by an author of the stature of Shakespeare, it is a key book in its field, it is also several centuries older.

“The first edition of the book ‘The sum of the arithmetic, geometry, proportion, and proportionalita‘by Luca Paccioli (a book on mathematics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and accounting), written in Venice in 1494, is a spectacular book that is in my collection, ”explained Salinas Pliego.

Joked with the fact that that writing inspired him to study “the subject of the invention of accounting back in the year 1300”.

On the way, took the opportunity to criticize politicians, pointing out that they don’t like to keep accounts, and that until these days they fear the issue, however, “without keeping accounts, they cannot be held accountable,” he said.

“Today’s governments have only entrances and exits. They do not know how to keep a balance, much less an income statement. I recommend reading Luca Paccioli’s book !!!

The Venetians invented capitalism as they say, when it refers to the way of always seeking utility in human activities ”, he assured.

Finally, by way of advice, the millionaire said to seek a usefulness in life is something to be learned to have a better stay in this world.

It should be remembered that he recently showed off part of his library along with some shotguns. Then he said that he has about 40 thousand works; among his collection are Humboldt’s travels and the first Atlas of Ptolemy.

In addition, last October he recommended the titles:

– The art of not making life bitter, Santandreu.

– The call of the tribe, Vargas Llosa.

– The Prosperity Paradox, Christensen, Ojomo, Dillon.

– The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy, Carswell

The books are usually related to people who like to read and cultivate their minds, however, some have high prices, especially when it comes to classic authors or first editions.

Therefore, although there are copies at affordable prices in bookstores, there are others that only millionaire collectors or museums can have.

In accordance with The vanguard, another millionaire who likes to have a large library is Bill Gates. Among his books is the “Leicester Code”, A compendium of documents, drawings and sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci for which he paid 25,900,000 (almost 26 million) of euros. It has 72 pages that cover topics of astronomy, meteorology, cosmology and even paleontology.


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