From "We see you outside" to the "knit castles": six moments of tension of C in Parliament


IS CER deputy Ruben Wagensberg He assured us today that e n finalize his intervention and when he passes by the bench of Cs, Citizen's spokesperson, Carlos Carrizosa the and said, "See, see you outside." The Republican leader there He asked that he repeat it publicly in the House, but Carrizosa has avoided answering. This is the last episode of a term in which the training of orange was characterized by tension in the Catalan chamber. Yesterday, the deputy of CS Sonia Sierra called the "supremacist" Counselor for culture, Laura Borràs, to support the Koiné manifesto, which she defends Catalan as the only official language "Instead of apologizing for signing it, the suprematist adviser says we do not understand it because C's are short-lived," Sierra said. A qualifier that Sierra has already used on June 20 against the councilor in "not wanting to condemn" the suspension of an act to the UB tribute of Catalan Civil Society to Cervantes as a result of The boycott of a group of independents while the Spanish education deputies were exhibiting copies of "Don Quixote". Borras he answered them that " is The best tribute is to read it " before complaining ironically that Sierra uses it is In a "wrong" way the term "supremacism" reading NEITHER the meaning of the dictionary: "Now they know what it means." Ignorance can be excused, but bad faith depicts more who uses it " v to load Borras.

One month before, During the investiture debate, Inés Arrimadas, leader of C s , v to to laugh president Quim Torra that no has g "Come here to lead a government, but a CDR" and concluded that a candidate who made these "racist" comments in another European country could not be a presidential candidate with reference to his writings on Spanish or Spanish. The moment of greatest tension, however, was experienced two weeks later, particularly on May 25, during and First plenary session of Parliament after the election of Quim Torra as president of the Generalitat. To symbolize the absence of prisoners and exiles, the independence groups v he places r a yellow bow in front of the Cs bank, where the members of the government were, that they were empty following the blockade of the Spanish government to publish the appointment of directors in the official journal of the Generalitat. Carrizosa the V he withdraws r unilaterally me and The president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, Li v asks r I would rest the symbol there where it was and that it would not completely transform "in a schoolyard". After asking several times and that Carrizosa ignored the laughter and applause of the Citizen deputies, Torrent v they decided r suspends the plenary and meets all parliamentary groups. After the meeting with all the groups, Torrent he announced the yellow ribbon is located it is near the seat of Torra and not in front of the citizens' bench.

there He only did a month, d plenary session on coexistence that citizens have asked , the president of the Generalitat v to invite r is The spokesperson of the Ciutadan, Carlos Carrizosa, to know the reality of the country "because there is no account", and he v to say that visit it is "Catalonia and castellers". Carrizosa, in his reply, yes v he answers r: "It seems normal to say" go see the castellers "? It is such a nationalistic and deprecatory rhetoric … I should be a beast that calls and puts resources and I have not seen a p unyeter castle in my life ", affirmed the contempt for the case of the casteller.

In July the second vice-president, José María Espejo-Saavedra (Cs), has faced to The President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, because the orange training and the PSC wanted that l the table examined the transaction that v I'm on agreement r JxCat and ERC with the criminals on the CUP movement that f EI with reference to the declaration of the beginning of the 9-N process, 2015. Torrent, however, no v to summon r the m this because supported That the regulation is "very clear" in this sense and that the proposals and amendments are formally admitted, but not the transactions. Espejo-Saavedra He left his presidency in the vice-presidency of Parliament and goes stratum r in replicas with Torrent : "If you let me talk", v asks r the president "Quiet, calm", v to add it r the vice-president "Whoever orders the plenary and asks for peace, I am, vice-president," he said v he recriminates him r Torrent. "Above all if it does it well," v to etziba r Espejo-Saavedra. "I will not come to consider or discuss with you because it seems absolutely disrespectful to what you just did, and the lack of education" v the phrase r the president of the Parliament. Espejo-Saavedra li v at the helm ndre that it was "Regardless of the deputies who asked for compliance with the regulation". He also has the role of CS v take advantage of r the intervention to ask "respect" to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernest Maragall. "Do not get nervous, do not get excited", them v asks r Torrent. "Tell the consultant, who was crying for me" v to insist r Espejo-Saavedra. "I'll have to pick up the word or call it to sort, I do not want to do one thing or the other" v to warn r Torrent. "Do what you want, it's already incomplete nt The rules ", v to criticize the vice president before Torrent closed the visibly angry debate .


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