Health Frozen Food becomes an option during WFH, take a...

Frozen Food becomes an option during WFH, take a peek at 5 advantages!


JAKARTA – The return of time PSBB and #DiRumahAja activities are not an obstacle to enjoying food high quality like in a restaurant. Reflecting on the previous PSBB period, trends frozen food increasing rapidly as a food choice for people while at home.

This also encourages the emergence of various types frozen food quality, whose taste and variety of dishes are not inferior to restaurant menus. But, what are the advantages frozen food when compared to type of cuisine other? (Also Read: Rich in spices, here’s how to make grilled rice with Jontor seasoning)

Here are five reasons frozen food be an option for society in the middle of time PSBB.

1. Practically Processed
For everyday cooking or emergencies, frozen food can be the right choice because it is more practical to process. You can cultivate food frozen ready to eat by frying, steaming, or simply soaking it in warm water. The processing process also tends to be shorter than cooking food from raw materials.

2. Stay Nutritious
Although easy to process, frozen food it is not always low in nutrition you know. Some food product ready-to-eat foods such as frozen vegetables and fruit are even higher in nutrients than regular foods.

Reporting from the page The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics United States, this professional organization of nutrition and food mentions that frozen food able to store vitamins and minerals and does not change the content of carbohydrates, protein and fat in them. This is because frozen food Fruits and vegetables are frozen immediately after picking, so that their nutritional content tends to be intact compared to fresh, peeled fruit, which can quickly lose nutrients if only stored.

3. Durable
One of the main advantages frozen food of course is its ability to last longer than other types of food. This allows us to save food stock for the next few months. But, even though it’s been stored for a long time, frozen food still able to maintain the nutritional value contained in it, and now there are many products frozen food which is free of chemical preservatives.

Founder of the culinary and catering business of Umara Group Adhia Absar said, frozen food now it is increasingly being looked at by consumers as a popular food choice.


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