FTI opens the first day of trading 4 baht, 60 % higher than the reservation price.

Function International Public Company Limited (FTI) first day of trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) today (19 May 2022) trading at 4 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 60 % from IPO price of 2.50 baht

In this regard, FTI engages in the business of importing, assembling, manufacturing and distributing products related to integrated water treatment systems, such as water filters and water filtration equipment, filters, filters, and other products. related to water treatment systems including providing related services The company’s products cover all groups of users, including

household group commercial use and industrial groups under the company’s brand and foreign brands, a total of more than 23 brands, both Premium Middle and Economy levels to meet the needs of customers in terms of price and use FTI Wholesale and main customers are more than 600 shops and dealers.

FTI have paid-up registered capital after IPO 450 million baht, with a par value of 1 baht per share, consisting of 320 million existing ordinary shares and 130 million newly-issued ordinary shares, through the initial public offering of shares from May 11-13, 2022 at the share price. 2.50 baht each with a total funding value of 325 million baht and an IPO price of 1,125 million baht, with Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter. common stock

The whole company plans to raise funds from the sale of shares.IPOMost of them expand to 50 branches of FTI’s Aquatek product dealers in 2024 to distribute directly to consumers.

FTI The major shareholders after the IPO are the group of Mr. Vikorn Phuvapat and Mrs. Woraya Phuvapat, holding 71.11%.

It has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at a rate of not less than 40 percent of net profit after corporate income tax. and after legal reserve, depending on financial status, investment plan and other factors in order to mainly benefit the shareholders

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