Fuel, UK | Temporary visas should alleviate driver shortages in the UK

To alleviate an acute shortage of truck drivers after Brexit, the British government plans to make it easier to obtain a temporary work visa.

The lack of truck drivers has contributed to long queues at petrol stations that have run out of petrol, while the authorities are begging people not to hoard, and say there is enough petrol in the country.

The government now plans to make up to 5,000 temporary work visas available to bring in drivers who left the country after Brexit.

It will be a complete reversal for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who tightened immigration rules after Brexit, and insists that Britain must become less dependent on foreign labor.

Lighter certificate

Another measure that is being considered in addition to inviting foreign drivers is to make it easier to obtain a truck certificate.

Brexit and measures against the corona pandemic led to a shortage of around 100,000 truck drivers in the UK, which in turn affects deliveries of petrol and goods across the country.

Not only gas stations, but also many supermarkets are running out of more goods. Across the country, there are empty store shelves in grocery stores.

If the authorities do not find more drivers within the next ten days, it will be a joke for Christmas, says the British trade stand.

Will ration

Petroleum giant BP has warned the British authorities that they plan to ration fuel to their petrol stations in the future.

BP is one of several that have been affected by the shortage of tanker drivers in the country, wrote ITV News Thursday.

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The warning came to the British government during a meeting last Thursday.

– BP has two thirds of the usual amount of fuel in stock, and that proportion is declining rapidly, said country manager Hanna Hofer.

The rationing means that the company will only deliver petrol and diesel to most of its stations five days a week. Gas stations along highways get higher priority and supplies all week as usual. It is hoped that inventories will begin to stabilize in October.


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