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Fujitsu has been in the entire ESPRIMO product family and selected CELSIUS Workstation models with Intel processors 10. Generation installed, allowing you to provide manufacturer’s information according to the users more flexibility and power. […]

The ultra-small ESPRIMO G-series has a housing of only 0.9 liters.The ultra-small ESPRIMO G-series has a housing of only 0.9 liters. (c) Fujitsu
The ultra-small ESPRIMO G-series has a housing of only 0.9 liters.The ultra-small ESPRIMO G-series has a housing of only 0.9 liters. (c) Fujitsu

In addition, Fujitsu has introduced a number of new models in the ESPRIMO Desktop PC series, from the versatile Tower PC to devices with a compact housing of a Liter.

The new product series brings to Fujitsu, according to cross-cutting optimisation:

The Micro Tower ESPRIMO P series is expanded with the new ESPRIMO P9910. This supports large graphics cards and provides four PCIe slots for system expansion. The model also has a 680 Watt power supply, so that a special plug-in cards can be easily connected. The ESPRIMO P series is about In-Band Management, or the Intel vPro platform to manage. Connected with the latest BIOS and operating system technologies, enables rapid deployment of data and saves administrative costs. This feature set makes the series especially in the manufacturing industry popular.

The compact ESPRIMO D-series now also includes a new, smaller size of 8.3-Liter case for the models of the Advanced Line ESPRIMO D7010, and the Premium Line ESPRIMO D9010. Thanks to the compact housing, the ESPRIMO D-series is suitable for use in environments with limited space. Despite the lower volume of expansion options, flexible slots, and input/output interfaces are still available. As a result, the ESPRIMO D-series is particularly popular in educational institutions as well as in specialized areas such as Post offices.

The Mini PC ESPRIMO Q is now available in black or white. The model includes an optical drive and a built-in power supply, Packed in a slim casing. The versatile ESPRIMO Q is equipped with up to eleven connections for a high degree of connectivity and is suitable for use in the office, retail as well as for the power supply of billboards and Digital Signage applications. Fujitsu offers the space-saving Mini PC-model ESPRIMO Q7010 also guaranteed chip-set-support of up to 24 months: an important prerequisite for customer-specific applications in which each Update on compatibility needs to be reviewed.

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The ultra-small ESPRIMO G-series has a housing of only 0.9 liters. The new ESPRIMO G9010 has a fan-less cooling, which provides quiet operation. The System can be mounted on the back of a display. The power supply and the display operation be carried out via a single USB-C cable. Both the ESPRIMO G5010, as well as the ESPRIMO G9010 are popular models for the modernisation of workplaces, for use in training and education, in the home office or as a regular Desktop PCs in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, they can also be used for the power supply of billboards.

The All-in-One PC ESPRIMO K in elegant White with a 24-inch Display, which is on three sides frameless. This gives the device a modern Look. Because All-in-One PCs like to be placed at highly visible locations, such as, for example, at receptions, whether in the office or Hotel, or as a public Internet-access points. The ergonomic, height-adjustable Design of the ESPRIMO K ensures a comfortable working position.

Rüdiger Landto, Head of Client Business, Fujitsu Europe, commented: “With the new ESPRIMO models by Fujitsu continues to invest in the development of the Desktop portfolio. Due to the ever-smaller systems will disappear in the PC physically, virtually, from your Desk, but not completely. Nowadays, a PC can be, in many cases, the better choice than a Notebook. Thanks to the updated processor technology, the new Fujitsu ESPRIMO Desktop PCs are more powerful and more energy-efficient than ever before.“

CELSIUS Workstations receive processor and performance Upgrades

Fujitsu also has two CELSIUS Desktop Workstations with the Intel processors of 10. Generation upgraded, so users with higher demands on the graphics performance. The Fujitsu CELSIUS J5010 Workstation with a compact and 8.3-Liter case is 17 percent smaller than the previous generation. It is graphic while still having the cards in each size, and up to NVIDIA Quadro P2200. The powerful and extremely quiet Workstation is ideal for Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications, as well as for use in the fields of Design, visualization, Multimedia and production.The Micro Tower Workstation CELSIUS W5010 supports professional Dual-Slot graphics cards and an optional, more powerful power supply with 680 watts. As a result, the Gateway has a better graphics performance and is suitable even for the most demanding CAD, Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) and media and entertainment (M&E). In the new housing, large-sized graphics cards up to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 to install. A further Version of the CELSIUS W5010 offers a long life cycle of up to 36 months and meets the requirements of the security sector, health, telecommunications and the public sector.

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