Fukushima: the third phase of the water discharge from the accidented nuclear power plant begins

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Japan began the third phase of dumping treated water from the damaged Fukushima plant into the sea on Thursday, while Beijing and Moscow have restricted their imports from Japan in protest at the process, which is expected to last several decades.

This phase, which should allow the dumping of about 7,800 tons of watershould last about 17 days, according to what the plant operator, Tepco, informed Afp.

On August 24, Japan began pouring the water used to cool the cores of the three reactors into the Pacific Ocean of the Fukushima Daiichi plant (northeast) that melted after the 2011 tsunami.

This water, which also comes from groundwater and rain, was stored for a long time in huge tanks on the site of the power plant and treated to rid it of its radioactive substanceswith the exception of tritium, which is only dangerous in very high concentrated doses, according to experts.

This water has been treated using the ALPS system (Advanced Liquid Treatment System) to rid it of radioactive substances, except for tritiuma radionuclide that, according to experts, is only dangerous in very concentrated doses.

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