Full capacity at Serge Gainsbourg’s exclusive home

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In Paris it is busy Louvre Museum, the most iconic and visited in the city, always crowded and open to all types of public. Hordes of tourists flow, usually on a journey that begins with a visit to the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo or Liberty leading the people. Selfie shift and a brief stop at the souvenir shop before leaving.

The antithesis of this visit has also been in Paris for less than a month: a journey more nostalgic than artistic, more ultra-exclusive than massive and only reserved for music lovers or fans willing to pay the price of the ticket and, above all, to wait as long as it takes until there is one free, in this case not before 2024.

Serge Gainsbourg’s house, the place where the French artist lived until his death in 1991, opened its doors to the public on September 20 and has already become the most coveted place on the Parisian map. Converted into a kind of mausoleum, it is a cult visit, only for the great followers of the Frenchman’s life and work: three decades after his death, it continues to arouse great fascination.

The success has been such that as soon as the maison has been inaugurated, they have had to hang the entire one. Even before it opened, there was a waiting list., because the seats flew in just one hour. The fact that the visits are so exclusive (a small number of people per day) and the attraction that this surname unleashes are some of the reasons that explain the plug.

Convert the Frenchman’s house into an open space for his followers It was an idea that his daughter, also a singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, had in mind for years. For her it is a way to share her childhood, her memories of her father… The house is “a cultural institution dedicated to the transmission of the work and history of Serge Gainsbourg,” the website says.

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