full gameplay of a game … with Pikachu!

The turn to mobile to delve into Nintendo’s gaming universe takes a new perspective with Pokémon Unite, a differential MOBA with the inclusion of the famous captures that offers us more and more news of what the game will be, the last one a complete gameplay from the perspective of Pikachu.

In true Kennen style from League of Legends (Pikachu’s final ability is nailed to the R of the yordle), the famous central character of the saga is the axis of this renovation from which a 5v5 is presented with much more detail than had been presented.

With more characters already implemented in the gameplay and an explained dynamic that looks much better from the player’s perspective, we finally see a complete game to understand how to capture pokémon controlled by the AI, the achievement of points and especially the experience by an enlarged map with three lanes.

2020 is a strange year for all Pokémon fans as they do not have a new IP planned to extend their games with another title this year, so this year’s informative bomb will be the launch of this MOBA as part of a new revolution. from mobiles.

With that plan without an official date, because the theory that placed the announcement for last November 20 has been completely shattered, it is expected that at Christmas there will be some news that brings the first official tests in the form of a closed beta of Pokémon Unite, although there are certain nuances because it will be for Switch.

Normally, the announcements of the Pokémon games arrive around Christmas to promote the purchase of gifts at this time, but being a free game on mobile phones that premise is left half, so it could perfectly be delayed to the first months of 2021 .

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