Full hybrid SUV: performance, consumption and prices of the 10 most interesting models

Electrifying oneself to survive, a law that the auto sector is learning to know very well and which primarily concerns those vehicles which, by type and weight, have high consumption which translate into penalizing emission levels. An identikit that fits perfectly on the category of Suv, increasingly appreciated from an aesthetic point of view, but which must necessarily adopt hybrid solutions in order to remain in the preferences of motorists and in the price lists of manufacturers. Electrification takes on different forms, if the mild hybrid has little impact on consumption and the plug-in is still a rather expensive technology, a full hybrid engine takes on a mediating role that reconciles the need for a more efficient SUV with that of an economically sustainable purchase. In summary, we are talking about vehicles equipped with a thermal engine and an electric engine of such power as to move the vehicle for short distances in zero-emission mode, but also capable of assisting the petrol engine in the phases of greater thrust, but also recharging the battery. . We have selected the most interesting models, from compact size to extra large models.


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