Full of vitamin D with this typically autumn side dish against joint pain

The most important supplements for the well-being of our body are the products offered by nature. Following a diet rich in fruit and vegetables makes an important contribution to the body in terms of vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins belong to the group of micronutrients that stimulate the physiological and organic processes of our body. For example, vitamin C is indispensable for connective tissues such as muscles, skin and joint tissues.

Vitamins are essential and fundamental for survival and, since the body is unable to produce them on its own, they must be introduced with food. Therefore, by consuming certain foods, these essential micronutrients are consumed. For example, here it is revealed the secret to absorbing all the iron and vitamins with white meat.

You can fill up on vitamin D with this typically autumn side dish against joint pain, or with mushrooms tacks. Vitamin D plays an important role in the mineralization of the skeleton, controls the concentrations of phosphorus and calcium in the blood, regulating their absorption. This vitamin is absorbed with exposure to the sun’s rays, while it is present in a few elements of plant and animal origin. Just as illustrated in the article “Here is the secret to getting a lot of vitamin D in one dish against weakness and pain”.

Full of vitamin D with this typically autumn side dish against joint pain

Vitamin D, compared to other vitamins, is more difficult to find in food, as there are few that contain it. But it can be taken through exposure to the sun. However, given the approach of the winter season which makes assimilation with the sun’s rays more difficult, it becomes very important to take it through food.

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About that, few eat this fish which is rich in vitamin D and a universal source of long life. But if we are not fish lovers, we could stock them up by taking mushrooms, the only foods of plant origin with significant amounts of vitamin D.

Thanks to their exposure to sunlight, this also applies to sun-dried mushrooms. Among the varieties of mushrooms rich in vitamin D, nail mushrooms that cover about one third of the daily requirement deserve attention.

These mushrooms are great as a side dish or appetizer. After having cleaned them and boiled them for about fifteen minutes, they must be combined in a heated pan with a drizzle of oil and a clove of garlic. Brown them until the water has dried. Now add salt, pepper and rosemary.

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