Fun, full of flavor, opening the 3rd quarter drama ratings on Channel 7HD, still occupying the hearts of fans

Start with a drama after the evening news that has just aired. hood Mystery Drama Biggest form from A.ACT Entertainment camp Major cuts of quality actors S-Kantapong Bamrungrak, Naow-Tisanart Sornsuek and Bus – Kanungnit Chak Smiththanon Drama of rivers, snakes, love, nostalgia, unforgettable affection. The audience’s heart is in a punch, both the drama, the actors, the production and the CG that has been highly praised for being realistic. called all components Create a phenomenon of hood fever all over the head. make the ratings run up to number one every episode and can doThe final rating is as high as 6.5.

drama side I came with the monks That comes back to rerun again, it doesn’t stop banging, rousing the audience to be thrilled with the action scenes. from the Coliseum camp Big M – Krittarit Butprom, who plays the role of Sak Krakit and Hana Lewis script owner cornea Come back and take over the area to occupy the hearts of the audience with dignity, guaranteed.Consistently high ratings until the end of 6.5

Action Drama lion mace From the camp 9 Beaver Films, who received a good new chemist. Bank-Sunday Set Wiboon Commercial couple Pupae-Kesarin Noipueng It serves to provide fun from start to finish. There are all action, drama, fantasy, past and present. Impress the audienceThe rating ended up being 6.4.

for a romantic detective drama obsessed with the smell of sandalwood from the Phetchaburi camp that has a very skilled lady Thanwa Suriyachak and Tubtim-Arin Theerathananpat Take on the role of a thrilling murder investigation story. Can create a phenomenon of admiration in the social world. Many popular pages have been cited as a new dimension drama of the year. with attention to detail and engaging content by doingThe final rating was 5.9.

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drama side Mr. Hoy Tamil brought back to rerun It did not disappoint the fans. Mike-Phattharadet Sanguangdee and Pookluk-Fonthip Watcharatrakul Help reflect the local way of life. and the culture of the Isan people in the pastFinal rating 5.5

As for romantic dramas, beautiful pictures, good views, stories Love Island from the video star camp who received the new queen Butter-Paphada, Sumal flavor paired with a rising star Blew-Woraphon Jintakosol For the first time, convey the story of family problems. Among the natural charms of the beautiful sea of ​​Thailand It also inserts the story of conservation at the same time. Make the audience feel impressed, create smiles and laughter withHighest ratings before the end of 4.4 and the end of 4.2

Turn to the drama before the evening news. flaming sunflower The most intense romantic drama from the Paphatsara Productions camp, with the audience’s favorite heroine. Ching Ching-Krittha Sangsaopas match with An-Akaraphan Bunnag can doThe final rating is as high as 5.3.

and the return of Mr. Hua and Mrs. Weir-Sukolwat Kanaros and Thisa-Warithisa Limtham Mahisorn from the drama heart concession A new corner camp, a full-flavored story that can draw audiences in and feel satisfied again.The final rating is 4.9.

The latest with the drama that is raising the ratings. cemetery of the living From Kantana Movie Town (2002) that came back to rerun Haunting and thrilling with the story of human insufficiency, led by Yui- Jeeranan Manojam, Jacchan-Akhamsiri Suwannasuk James-Ruangsak Loychusak Aof-Chanapol Sattaya and Jammy Panichada Sangsuwan Push the ratings to run up to number 1 every day. Can doThe ratings in episode 17 (information on September 17, 2021) went up to 5.1. and believe that after The ratings will continue to rise. Because the story is getting more intense, drama fans don’t miss it!

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As for the fun that is ready to serve drama fans to follow each other continuously. During the drama after the news at 8:30 PM, Channel 7HD selects the army of famous dramas to please the fans again. chain get your heart ready When father and mother Khem-Hasavee Pakpongpaisan and Mukda Narinrak Come back to bind everyone’s hearts again. The first screen starts on Monday, September 27, Wednesday, Thursday, the return of the superstar. Aum Patcharapa Chaichua and the hottest hero Mick Thongraya in the drama from enemy to heart Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Meet the hero of all time. Weir-Sukolwat Kanaros and his legendary partner Min-Pechaya Wattanamontri in the drama latest love

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