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We haven't heard anything specific about space horror for several years. Moons of madnessa Norwegian study game Rock Pocket Games. As it turned out, the project is still alive and preparing for release. But there have been significant changes.

Moons of Madness has a publisher, and is a famous company. Funcom. The compatriots not only took the game under control, but they also shared an entire world with it. Now the moons of madness takes place in the same universe as Secret legends of the world.

All those familiar with the modern fiction series Secret World remember the mysterious "Orochi" corporation. You act here, in the Moons of madness. "Orochi" scientists received a signal from Mars, which was clearly sent by someone reasonable. The accident was classified, but they began to build the Invictus base to search for the Martians.

The protagonist of Moons of Madness is an ordinary technician from a Martian research outpost. The admission level does not allow him to know anything about the secret research of "Orochi". But the mysterious phenomena find it: on the "Invictus" begins a strange series of technical failures and mystical accidents.

Shane Newhart is millions of miles from Earth. And it can only rely on itself and on the advanced technologies of the Martian base. Although no device is capable of dealing with paranoia and determining whether the supernatural visions, which are increasingly being visited, are real.

The release of Moons of Madness is scheduled for Halloween. The game will be published on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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