Fundraising campaign: Brück collects donations to rebuild the Berliner Tor

“What is there to see here?”, A question that tourists often ask locals. Admittedly, the Zauche residents often don’t know the answer. In Brück, one could refer to the Saxon post-mile column, the wooden towers and perhaps the Lambertus Church and the Titan Arena. Soon, however, another sight could attract attention: the Berliner Tor.

Bürgererverein Brück collects donations for the reconstruction

The Brück Citizens’ Association has been collecting donations for reconstruction for several years. Shares of 20, 50 and 100 euros will be issued. Each one is unique with a number. Anyone who donates more than 100 euros can have their name immortalized on a brick, special shares are available from 1,000 euros. “We already have 14,000 euros together, which is more than 20 percent of the necessary sum,” says the association’s treasurer Nicole Pötner.

Tourist association enthusiastic about the project

The Zauche-Fläming Tourist Office (TZF) supports the project. “The gate will definitely be a point of attraction beyond the Brück office,” TZF chairman Andreas Koska is convinced. The TZF calls on all citizens to participate in the project. The share is available from the Brück office and from the mayor Matthias Schimanowski.

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