FundStrat sees this clearly

The attention of the cryptosworld is focused on Ethereum! After reaching a new all-time high of $ 2,780, ETH is gaining a very good assumption for this year reaching $ 10,000. The current historically highest value of the ETH price is up to 3 times higher than the estimate predicted by the company FundStrat.

Price Etherea to date it has increased by about 40%. Compared to a 5% decrease Bitcoin (BTC) it can be a duel Ethereum vs. Bitcoin really interesting. Once again, we can look at the recommendation of FundStrat, which predicted this result in April 2020.

The research report contains interesting assumptions

The company mentioned FundStrat released this week research report, which included the following interesting information:

  • Ethereum has been experiencing really brilliant results recently, as evidenced by the market capitalization, which has reached around 30% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization.

Market capitalization ETH vs. BTC

  • The “cryptosveta “‘s attention is increasingly focused on Ethereum and other decentralized segments.

Market capitalization DEFI projects

  • FundStrat predicts huge growth in ETH, mainly due to the development of new applications, the scope of which has increased significantly in the last year.
  • However, emerging applications generate up to 3x higher fees compared to Bitcoin, which is currently traded for 3x higher market capitalization.
  • FundStrat also expects Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000 later this year and for a total market capitalization of $ 5 trillion.

ANALYSIS – A cryptocurrency that precedes Bitcoin in a few years is just beginning another bullrun

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