Furious Beijing sends red signals over ties with Taiwan: threatens even nuclear strikes

After the Chinese Foreign Ministry diplomatically warned Lithuania on Tuesday that Taiwan’s decision to open a representative office in Lithuania would be a “wrong signal”, China, as usual after such diplomatic statements, soon received a tougher reaction from the country’s mouthpieces. .

“We urge Lithuania to adhere to the principle of” one China “as a commitment in bilateral relations and not to send the wrong signals to the supporters of Taiwan’s secession.” says the report.

And a little later, “Global Times“- an article in the English-language newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. It even mentions the possible termination of diplomatic relations with Lithuania. And all – just because of Lithuania’s favorable attitude to Taiwan’s decision to open the first diplomatic mission of this rank in Europe, which will be called “Taiwan’s Representation in Lithuania”, and not “Taipei’s Representation” – due to this term Beijing though frowning, but not strictly opposed.

Beijing has been making claims to the island since 1949, and the promise of one day to reclaim it, if necessary by force, is growing louder. Approximately 23 million. population-based democracy, officially known as the Republic of China, is recognized as a country by only 15 other states. Beijing makes no secret that if Lithuania breaks the ice, other countries can implement even bolder intentions. So it is no coincidence that China’s communist tone is just austerity. First of all, you’ll see it on official mouthpieces like “Global Times“.

Warning on relations with Lithuania

It has become commonplace in this publication that when articles use the strictest tone and warnings, they are not signed. Then you can understand that not a single Communist Party was working, which reflects the opinion of the party and the government. But authorial articles do not appear by accident either. This time, both the author and a local expert, Professor Xin Qiango of Fudan University in Shanghai, who was interviewed, were named. JAV and China relations, as well as Xin Qiang as an expert on the “Taiwan issue”

“In the worst case scenario, if Lithuania continues to follow the wrong path, it may lead to the severance of diplomatic relations between the two countries, because the principle of one China is essential for China. This is the political basis for all countries to maintain diplomatic relations with China“- a professor quoted by the Global Times.

© Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is not the first time that the efforts of Chinese mouthpieces, diplomats and experts have recently led to unprecedented criticism of Lithuania. And not only because of the attitude on the issue of Taiwan – Chinese diplomats did not like the rally of Hong Kong supporters in Vilnius, protests of Tibetan supporters, and in May this year Beijing was angered by Lithuania’s decision to withdraw from China’s 17 + 1 forum. Vilnius not only called this format “divisive”, but also later announced that it was not China but Japan that was Lithuania’s most important partner in Asia.

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The same series of articles was answered by the same “Global times”, in which Lithuania was belittled as “a small country that, if provoked by China, will apologize for the trouble“. However, Lithuania is still responding calmly to such warnings: Vilnius’ commitment to Taiwan has already been announced. vaccines against COVID-19 and open its business office on the island. But how long will China express dissatisfaction only in words?

Lithuania – a test rabbit?

Equally important is another quote from Global Times, which emphasizes that Lithuania’s decision regarding Taiwan is “part of an angry US plan to test small countries with Chinese patience, when Washington itself does not dare to do so because of the serious consequences that would because the United States knows how serious Beijing is about Taiwan. “

The latter narrative, according to which Lithuania is only a US dog, a puppet and carries out Washington’s will, has been noticeable in the flow of disinformation of the Kremlin for many years. However, it is only in recent months that it has grown precisely in Chinese-controlled media and social networking channels.

However, in Lithuania’s honor, it can be noted that this is not the only country that has recently enraged China and received similar epithets: similar insults are being received and NATO, and all U.S. partners in the Pacific, first Japan, which, again, the same Lithuania named as the most important partner in the Asian region.

Furious Beijing sends red signals over ties with Taiwan: threatens even nuclear strikes

© Sipapress / Scanpix

Historically, the two most important opponents of the region have had many pains associated with the wars between them over the past year and a half. The Chinese, who have lost several wars to the Japanese and experienced truly horrific atrocities since the Japanese Empire, are all accidentally alluding to the humiliation of China that they will no longer allow to be experienced.

“The Chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to intimidate, oppress or enslave us. And anyone who tries to do so will face a studded and bloody head in front of $ 1.4 billion. the Great Steel Wall of China “, – the authoritarian leader spoke in a raised voice on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing’s main square on July 1. Xi Jinpingas.

Tokyo is also encouraged against Beijing

What this means again helped another Chinese speaker to imagine. On July 13, Liujun Taolue (六 军 韬略), a channel affiliated with the Chinese People’s Army, released more than 5 minutes on the popular video platform Xigua. a patriotic video of the duration that threatens Japan with nuclear war and division without curtains.

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In the video, as the Chinese Communist Party shared, he collected over 2 million. reviews, favored, shared hundreds of thousands of times, and then removed from Xigua.

However, human rights activists have managed to save and upload a post to YouTube and add subtitles so that the whole world can see the mood of China – in the country’s strictly censored media and social networks, a post showing China’s military power could not have come without the party and the army. permission.

It is no coincidence that the recording begins in 1945 with shots from the bombed-out city of Hiroshima – easily recognizable images from the first city to experience what atomic bombing means should already convince the viewer that the story will be told. But things are moving in an unexpected direction when the behind-the-scenes voice speaks of the speeches of Japanese politicians.

Just a few weeks ago, Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aro said that if China invaded Taiwan, Tokyo should interpret it as a threat to Japan’s survival and use Self-Defense Forces – formally so-called Japanese military forces that even have aircraft carriers neighbors.

However, the Japanese days of pacifist and non-interference in security and defense are a thing of the past. In response to the growing threat of Chinese military power, Japan is also strengthening its military capabilities and ties with Taiwan are becoming regular, with Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama recently saying it was time for everyone to wake up “and defend Taiwan as a democracy” and “one China policy”. is not worthy of respect.

Finally, everything was symbolically put in place by the White Paper prepared by the Japanese Ministry of Defense, which is usually an indicator of a country’s transparency: it openly presents defense policy, its priorities and planned developments. Symbols are also important here. For example, for many years, the cover of a Japanese white paper was such that you could confuse it with a gardener’s calendar — pastel colors, blooming sakura, or apricots against the backdrop of Mount Fiji.

Furious Beijing sends red signals over ties with Taiwan: threatens even nuclear strikes

© Twitter photo

This year’s White Paper cover abandoned such pacifist sentiments, instead an armored samurai on horseback, a symbol of Japan’s military greatness and power. On the cover, the young professionals who drafted the White Paper wanted to spread the message to the country’s society and the world that Japan is not in vain called one of the world’s most powerful economies, and that a suppressed military power after World War II is revived. And where to use that military power except to defend your islands? Another island is named in the document.

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“The stabilization of the situation around Taiwan is an important factor in the security of Japan and the stability of the international community. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to pay close attention to this situation when feeling the crisis, “the document notes.

“At the very least, this is a signal that Japan is being adversely affected by what is happening in the (Taiwan) Strait, and in the long run, Tokyo may even contribute to the U.S. defending the island in the event of an attack,” said RAND researcher Derek Grossman.

Will bombing and dividing the country?

This is how China, which interpreted Japanese sentiment, allowed itself not to choose words in the scandalous video.

“When we liberate Taiwan, if only Japan dares to intervene in this matter by military force, even if one Japanese soldier sets foot, if one ship or plane is used, we will not answer the same, no, we will start a large-scale war against Japan.

We will use nuclear weapons first. And we will use them until Japan announces an unconditional capitulation for the second time. ”A propaganda voice roared in the background, giving a clear hint of the capitulation announced by Japan in 1945 after the US used nuclear weapons twice.


Atomic “mushrooms” will become the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

© Wikimedia Commons

And while the video acknowledges China’s commitment to be the first not to use nuclear weapons, especially against non-nuclear countries, it emphasizes that the situation has changed and in the face of change, China needs to change its policies, tactics and strategies.

It is Japan that is cited as an exception, and it is believed that a nuclear strike would primarily aim to undermine Japan’s military power so that it could no longer fight, but at the same time show what an imaginary Japanese metropolis would look like after the Chinese nuclear bombing. However, no attempt is made to hide that this message is not only more than an obvious allusion to Japan itself, but also a threat to other countries, including Lithuania.

“We warn Japan and inform the world that if Japan interferes in our internal affairs, including the issue of the unification of Taiwan, nuclear weapons will be used against Japan,” the record said, saying that after such a nuclear bombing, Japan would be divided into
four occupation zones, one for Russia and one for China, and the rest will be puppeted to provide war reparations.

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