Further corona tests in Aschaffenburg kindergarten

six Infections go to a private party in Memmingen back, three others were noticed during a series test in a day nursery. In Aschaffenburg there are again a number of new corona cases after there had been no new illnesses for around three weeks. The authorities are alarmed.

Kindergarten group temporarily closed

A kindergarten group in Leider is affected. A child who is infected in Memmingen visits the group regularly. In the meantime, all children have been tested, according to the health department. The results of the tests are not yet available. Further tests were announced on Friday. As a precaution, teachers from the other groups should also be tested as a precaution, but who had no spatial contact with the affected group.

Emergency care was open for the other children on Friday, the management confirmed. A day-care center located in the same building is spatially separated from the group. He is probably not affected. The parents have left their children at home for the time being – out of caution.

Quarantine and contact restrictions

The infected people from Aschaffenburg are now all in quarantine. Contact restrictions apply to around 80 other people who have had contact with them. This also affects around 30 residents of a block in which the affected family lives who has become infected in Memmingen. According to the health department, the contact persons are allowed to leave their homes, but they need a good reason, such as urgent errands. They also have to comply with strict hygiene requirements. The first corona tests on the residents have all been negative so far.

Aschaffenburg Mayor warns of carelessness

Given the Increase in the number of corona cases in Aschaffenburg Mayor J├╝rgen Herzing warns against handling the virus too loosely. “We made a lot of easing in Aschaffenburg,” says Herzing. For example, the city has approved additional outdoor catering areas. “With many infections, we would have to take it all back,” Herzing said.

Away from the urban area, the numbers in the district of Aschaffenburg also rose this week. Six people there are currently considered ill and have not yet recovered.

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