Furthermore, Trump never wants to forgive Obama


Donald Trump replied to comments from the former First Lady Michelle Obama. He said: "Donald Trump, with his noisy and reckless allusions, has endangered the safety of my family and I will never forgive him for it".

Shortly before leaving for Paris, Trump told reporters: "Because he talks about security, what he did (ie Barack Obama) to our military has made the country very insecure".

Furthermore, Trump said in his own way that he would never forgive Barack Obama for what he did for the American army. Everything had been "shabby" and "old". He, Trump, now has to tidy up the military and is pumping huge amounts of money.

The daughters of Obama originated from artificial insemination

Michelle Obama's memoirs will be published next Tuesday. The first contents were announced on Friday morning. Now more details have become public.

According to Michelle Obama, she also reported a miscarriage 20 years ago. She and her husband then used in vitro fertilization to generate two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who are now 17 and 20 years old. In vitro fertilization literally means "fertilization in the glass". The procedure involves bringing the egg and the sperm cell together in a tube.

You think as a woman in the case of a miscarriage, one is somehow broken, writes Obama. She felt very lonely at that moment and seemed a failure. He did not know how widespread abortions are because they do not talk about it.


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