Fuss over reimbursement for vaccinators – Het Nieuwsblad

In some vaccination centers there has been a fuss about the compensation for the people who administer the vaccines. The organizers want to pay them as volunteers, while the Flemish government provides funds to remunerate them as professionals. That writes De Morgen on Tuesday.

It has been agreed with the NIHDI that people who administer vaccines will be paid per injected syringe. They are expected to put 20 syringes per hour, which means that the fee amounts to € 47.25 per hour. But in practice, a number of vaccination centers are calling on healthcare providers to work as volunteers. A compensation of 35 euros per day is provided for them. Social workers are asked to do it as a ‘social commitment’ and to renounce the provided hourly allowance.

A number of primary care areas consciously choose to attract volunteers, in the hope of reducing the workload. By working with ‘cheaper’ volunteers, for example, they hope to be able to deploy more people and no one has to put 20 syringes per hour.

According to the Agency for Care and Health, it is not the intention to compensate active professionals as volunteers. “We provide proper compensation because we have to be able to rely on them,” says spokesman Joris Moonens. “This is not something people should do for a while. We left here for many months. And then a correct compensation is needed to keep professionals on board. ”


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