G. Landsbergis: The opposition is partly responsible for the dead who have not been vaccinated

A group of opposition parliamentarians said on Wednesday they were appealing to the Constitutional Court to assess whether the government’s decision on the passport was unconstitutional.

The petition was signed by 36 members of the Seimas belonging to the opposition factions of the Lithuanian Peasants ‘and Greens’ Union, the Labor Party, the Party of Regions and the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party.

Asked what he thought of the appeal, Landsberg said the opposition was fighting calls for vaccinations.

“It seems to me that people who are fighting against any calls for vaccination are basically in favor of killing as many people as possible. This is a very gross circumstance, “the politician told reporters on Wednesday before the government meeting.

“All that we saw yesterday in the Seimas, the lack of support for the Government’s decisions, I think that those people face a lot of responsibility for every unvaccinated person who leaves us,” he added.

Those people face a great deal of responsibility for every unvaccinated person who leaves us.

The Seimas on Tuesday determined that unvaccinated workers will pay for COVID-19 tests themselves from December. Amendments to this effect were submitted by the Government.

According to her, the obligation to pay for tests should encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The initiative for paid tests was supported by 65 parliamentarians, two voted against and three abstained.

Almost all members of the Seimas opposition factions did not register to vote.


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