G-U Creative unveils works of art by Japanese artists. Now available for trading at EAST NFT

On January 10, 2022, the launch of artist works and digital products was announced. and signed a cooperation agreement between the companies G-U Creative with the company KK Venture Ltd.

To allow the trading of works of art through the EAST NFT platform officially at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2022 at Central World.

  • Step into the digital world to the fullest

Yuparat Aekthuraprakul Executive Chairman of G-U Creative Co., Ltd. said that G-U Creative is a specialist in presenting copyrighted content from Japan. for a long time

“It’s one of the Japanese event organizing events. Emphasize the relationship between Thai and Japanese, such as the JAPAN EXPO THAILAND event, the largest in Asia. Bringing together the many charms of Japan into one event.

Show the potential that is truly unique in various areas of Japan to be included in this event. It is an event that has been held for the 7th consecutive time, based on the experience of working with Japan for more than 15 years.

The company has expertise in content selection. Ready to go fully digital by bringing products and artist works to the market, NFT has partnered with a strong global platform partner, EAST NFT, to launch digital artist works for trading at www.eastnft.com”

G-U Creative unveils works of art by Japanese artists.  Now available for trading at EAST NFT

  • Collection of works by Japanese artists

Leading Japanese artists invited to showcase their works digitally. This time include

1)Naomichi Hanazono A very young actor who has the ability to dance. Japanese cultural show

2)Shogo Kariyazaki flower arrangement artist The most famous of Japan

3)Takuma Fujisaki Pipe Cleaner Art

And many other Japanese idol artists gathered to prepare to release their work on the EAST Platform.

G-U Creative unveils works of art by Japanese artists.  Now available for trading at EAST NFT

  • A new choice for collectors

Sitthi Srichawala CEO of KK Venture Co., Ltd., a specialist in Non Fungible Token (NFT), as a collaborative partner between EAST NFT and G-U Creative, said that Japanese artists’ works are unique.

“As a collaborative operator, we are confident that G-U Creative It will present the works of Japanese artists that are valuable, special, outstanding, and truly unique. that people are fascinated with and love the art and culture

To become a digital work for people around the world to have the opportunity to own and collect via the EAST NFT platform proudly.

Both companies will join forces to promote business operations with a commitment to provide quality products and services to customers. Build strength as a market leader together.”


People interested in collecting digital works Both artist works, music, all forms of entertainment, sports, and souvenirs. See details at www.eastnft.com


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