Gabriel apparently plans to end his political career


Former SPD chairman and vice-chancellor: Sigmar Gabriel
Picture: dpa

The former SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel does not want to run for parliament as a member of parliament. He has long been determined to end his political career, according to a report.

Dhe former SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel apparently plans the end of his political career. According to information published in the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” Gabriel is already in early May, the three leaders of his regional SPD district associations have informed that he will no longer run for the German Bundestag at the next election. It was said that Gabriel had been determined to end his political career for a long time, reports the “Tagesspiegel am Sonntag”.

However, Gabriel did not want to make this decision public before the European elections, so as not to cause any further unrest in the election campaign. But the local party should have enough time to find a new candidate. Gabriel himself did not want to comment on request.

“We are very sorry because it will be difficult to keep its results. But you can already understand that he no longer wants to do the theater in Berlin, “the” Tagesspiegel “quoted a participant as a regional SPD representative. The question of whether Gabriel retains his mandate until the end of the legislative period or wants to retire earlier from the Bundestag, was “discussed in the conversation, but not finally decided,” it says in the newspaper.



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