Entertainment Gabriel Soto separates from Irina Baeva and he explains...

Gabriel Soto separates from Irina Baeva and he explains the reason

Gabriel Soto She confessed that she has had to make a strong decision to protect her health and that of her daughters.

The actor said that in this quarantine he is being kept in his Acapulco house with his daughters, however he was surprised when he said that Irina was not with them.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

In the program ‘Wake up America’, Alan Tacher He questioned Gabriel about his girlfriend and asked if she was with him, to which the actor replied: “No, Irina is elsewhere but she is also carrying all her necessary security measures, we will be together soon”Soto explained.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

The romance between the two is more alive than ever but they had to decide to separate in the sense of the distance for the health of both and that of their families because Irina for her part published some Instagram stories in which she explained that her family cannot return to Russia for everything that is happening in the world and has had to remain isolated with them.



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