Gabriela Soukalová shared difficult moments with Izabelka, people disperse with emotion –

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Gabriela Soukalová (31) and her partner Miloš Kadeřábek are currently experiencing one of the most beautiful periods in their lives. A few weeks ago, their daughter was born, who was given the beautiful name Izabela Gabriela Kadeřábková. The former biathlete shared an adorable privacy image on social networks, and fans immediately included her with touching messages.

Former Czech biathlete Gabriela Soukalová after all the vicissitudes of divorce, he finally experiences a happy period of his life.

He and his partner Miloš and little daughter Isabella Gabriela Kadeřábková enjoy family moments together.

Gabina is now fully dedicated to motherhood and has stopped working for a second college. In a recent interview for, she revealed that her partner is an incredible support.

I am very grateful for what she is like, she takes care of me like a queen, she massages me, she tries to do for me what she sees in my eyes and with the goal that we are all satisfied. I really appreciate it, Miloš is a very strong personality in my eyes, “said before giving birth.

Tired but happy

Gabriela shares snippets of privacy with her fans and recently added a film that shows how difficult motherhood can be.

Fans on Instagram were moved by Gabina’s film and were included by the snowy commentaries. “Especially to have it cooked, baked and you don’t have to do anything but take care of the little girl, “people write.

Gabi, enjoy every second, they grow very fast, “advises others with emotion.”Those moments are priceless.”

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