Gad Elmaleh brings out his false accent and all the clichés about Quebec for French TV

The French channel M6 has “surpassed itself” this week by capitalizing on all the possible and imaginable clichés specific to Quebec culture (one of them having been completely imagined) for the benefit of the cooking show The best pastry chef.

For the occasion, Gad Elmaleh brought out his imitation of the Quebec accent, his fur hat and his plaid shirt to present the technical test of the week: making a cake paying homage to the lumberjacks and the culture of Quebec. A dessert bearing the name of “Tiled Sequoia”.

You know, the sequoia … this tree that does not grow naturally anywhere in Quebec!

As a bonus, there is traditional music, images of a beaver and an original, and a famous word Church can be heard during the test.

No need to specify that many Quebecers have expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks, noting once again that the image of the Belle Province conveyed on French television does not seem to have changed much since the 1950s.

(The dessert in question, however, looks delicious.)

Anyway, before going to string your wood and look for your winter provisions at the general store, you can take a look at the result in the video below.

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