Galamba guided responses; Montenegro omits house to TC

BOm Day! It’s time to get to know the main highlights of the national press. This Friday, May 5, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s declarations to the country, on Thursday night, dominate the covers of the national press, practically unanimously.

O Morning mail adds more fuel to the fire, however, revealing that “Galamba guided responses from the manager of TAP” in the parliamentary committee of inquiry to the airline.

In turn, the Express reveals that “Montenegro does not declare the value of a six-story house to the TC”.

The sports press, in turn, highlights the dramatic passage of FC Porto to the final of the Portuguese Cup, after beating Famalicão by 3-2.

See below the main highlights of the national press, including sports, and in the gallery above the respective covers:


– “Political Crisis: Marcelo censors Costa and leaves the Government hanging by a thread”

– “It was the SIS that alerted Galamba to call the PJ”

– “The hard core of the Government was divided over the fall of Galamba”

– “PS wants to prevent the TAP survey from expanding to more topics”

– “Banks haven’t earned so much with interest since 2011”

– “Foreign students at Superior double”

– “Car use rose in 96% of municipalities”

– “Montenegro does not declare the value of a six-story house to the TC”

– “Salgado takes unprecedented medication for Alzheimer’s”


– “Sousa Pinto and Assis assume an alternative to Costa”

– “Santa Casa: João Soares happy with Ana Jorge provider, confesses sadness that he was not chosen”

– “Portuguese Red Cross: António Saraiva will be the next president”

– “Iberian Wolf: Increasingly frequent attacks revolt populations in Minho”

– “Carlos Cortes, new President of Physicians: ‘The SNS is experiencing enormous difficulties and needs a profound reform'”

– “Cameras: Only 10 of the 20 average speed zones are real”

– “Luís Filipe Pereira: ‘This absolute majority is what creates instability'”

– “Juan Carlos: The Loneliness of a Monarch”

– “Positive Country: Europe Day World Energy Day Metrology”

Morning mail:

– “Galamba guided responses by the manager of TAP. Minister gave a guide in a secret meeting to prepare CEO”

– “Marcelo tells Costa. But he doesn’t do anything”

– “FC Porto-Famalicão (3-2). Dragão stamps trip to Jamor”

– “Benfica. Rui Costa appeals to the players’ pride”

– “Benfiquista SAD. Vieira’s business audit ends in June”

– “Mystery of Cadaval. Suspected drug cartel crime”

– “Aljezur. Professor accused of sexual harassment”

– “Says accusation. ‘Ears’ and son surround and kill Igor for revenge”

– “Money laundering. Mafioso ‘Chef’ had 70 companies in Portugal”

– “More expensive credit. ECB raises interest rates and warns of further rate hikes”


– “Marcelo does not dissolve, but issues an ultimatum to the Government”

– “War in Ukraine: What do we know about the drones that exploded over the Kremlin?

– “Monetary policy: ECB slows down, but does not end with interest rate hikes”

– “New album: Profjam changed the face of Portuguese hip-hop. Now it’s in a relationship with God”

– “Football: Napoli celebrating 33 years after Maradona”


– “Marcelo devastates the Government, but chooses stability”

– “Discount on ex-scut do Interior does not stop toll revenue increase”

– “Portuguese Cup: FC Porto 3-2 Famalicão: This is Jamor”

– “Monarchy: Britons sleep outside to see Charles III’s coronation”

– “Interest rates: Lagarde denies relief to Portuguese families”

– “Burn: Costumes at the same price and in greater demand”

Daily News:

– “‘It’s not enough to apologize’: Marcelo rocks Costa and Galamba”

– “ECB turns off support: Lagarde demands immediate end to energy subsidies and says she cannot help Portugal anymore”

– “Isabel Jonet: ‘Time is very difficult and aid to families has only been existentialist, not healing'”

– “Coldplay and Rally: Hotels sold out. Residents in Coimbra ‘sell’ rooms at 250 euros”

– “Gulbenkian: Historical Collection starts with Columbano and arrives at Joana Vasconcelos”

Economic Journal:

– “Marcelo avoids dissolution, but puts Costa under surveillance”

– “ECB maintains interest rate hike despite impacts”

– “‘We hope that our vaccine integrates the vaccination plan'”

– “320 million in green hydrogen projects awaiting auction”

– “Economic Madeira: Funchal timetables invests 20 million euros in electric buses”

– “Inspection: ASAE starts to inspect zero VAT with more than 40 inspection brigades”

– “Podcast: ESG criteria are already present in most Euronext indices”

– “Interview: ‘Open banking in Brazil is better than the British’, says CEO of Brazilian Revolut”

– “TAP inquiry commission: DGTF signed a decision that dismissed TAP’s CEO by order of Fernando Medina”


– “Dissolution removed. Marcelo will watch Costa”

– “Language also changes due to political tension”

– “Portuguese producers with a royal seal in times of coronation”

And she was:

– “’65 thousand in Luz have a lot of weight!’, Jorge Jesus and Benfica SC-Braga this Saturday”

– “FC Porto-Famalicão (3-2). Dragão will defend the title in the Cup”

– “Sporting. Paulinho smiles again”

The game:

– “FC Porto-Famalicão (3-2). Jamor demands heart”

– “Interview. ‘Braga will be the hardest that Benfica has ever beaten’, Jesualdo Ferreira trained at Pedreira and at Luz and anticipates tomorrow’s duel”

– “Benfica. Lucas Verissimo is waiting for Otamendi”

– “Braga. André Horta took a while but now he doesn’t fail”

– “Sporting. Paulinho returns to the ‘sprint'”

– “Roller hockey. Dragons and Barça in the ‘socks'”


– “FC Porto-Famalicão (3-2). Explosion. Dragão advances to Jamor in a tumultuous final”

– “Benfica. Bah returns and Aursnes advances”

– “Sporting. Paulinho is reinforcement”

– “Italy. Naples champions 33 years later”

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