Galaxy A40 now as a price cracker: The Samsung bargain in check

It’s not for nothing that the Galaxy A series is popular. It offers solid technology with small highlights at comparatively low prices and that from the reliable market leader Samsung. And yet the (price) pressure on the cell phone dino is increasing. At mobilcom-debitel there is now an offer for the Galaxy A40 that does just that. But is it good? We did the price check for you.

Samsung Galaxy A40 in check – the smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A40 is particularly interesting for those who want a cell phone with a somewhat more compact size. The display is smaller than 6 inches and is therefore an increasingly rare form factor in this price range.

The test of the Galaxy A40 also hits this notch: If you want a compact and affordable cell phone, the Galaxy A40 is interesting. “If you don’t care about the size, you should look for another smartphone,” explains the conclusion. Nevertheless, you don’t go wrong with the cell phone on offer. 3.5 out of 5 stars in the overall rating speak a clearly positive language.

The test seal Samsung Galaxy A40Pro of the Samsung Galaxy A40

  • Compact design
  • Impeccable display
  • Good (main) camera

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy A40

  • Poor performance
  • Poor sound and phone quality

The price

The Samsung Galaxy A40 will be available from mobilcom-debitel from Sunday April 19th for 185 euros. It does not reach an all-time low, but mobilcom-debitel currently offers at least the best price. A look at the price comparison of our partner shows that the rest of the market has already gone below the 200 euro mark. Nevertheless, you can find the cheapest offer at mobilcom-debitel.

Without looking at the smartphone competition, Samsung made a fair offer with the Galaxy A40 last year. With the significant price reduction, the ratio between price and performance is still very good even a year later.

The alternatives

If you stay in the Samsung warehouse, it quickly becomes clear that the Galaxy A40 is currently the best offer of Koreans in the lower middle class. The new Galaxy A41 is not recommended because the only slightly older Galaxy A51 has already dropped in price to the A41 level. The trend for Galaxy A50 is also falling, but with a good 280 euros it is miles away from the two hundred mark.

If you look beyond the tele edge of the Galaxy mobile phones, however, worlds are opening up. Because the price range around 200 euros is probably the hottest on the market. We have summarized the best mobile phones for less than 200 euros and also the best smartphones for less than 300 euros in overviews. So if you don’t care about the size, you will surely find an even better offer there than at mobilcom-debitel.

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