Galaxy S10 could abandon this huge function of Samsung Galaxy S9 when it will be released next year


Galaxy S10 should be successful in the Galaxy S9 and is expected to be unveiled by Samsung at the start of next year.

Samsung has made a tradition of showing the next generation of its flagship S-line at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), a technological show that takes place every year in Barcelona, ​​and the Galaxy S10 has predicted to follow such a trend.

The voices surrounding the Galaxy S10 have aimed at it drastically reducing the frames even more than those currently present on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

In addition, the hardware has been announced to arrive in three models this year.

It was also stated that the flagship would have three cameras on the back, however it was not detailed what the function of each lens would be.

Galaxy S10 will come pre-installed with Android 9 Pie, the sources added.

It is assumed that the hardware will flaunt the new Samsung new user interface on the Google operating system that was recently shown at the company's developer conference in San Francisco.

During his speech at the event, Samsung insisted that its new interface was designed to facilitate one-handed operation in general.

And now it seems that another voice surrounding the Galaxy S10 has emerged and it seems that the device could be set to abandon a Galaxy S9 function.

A famous connoisseur, the Ice Universe ice user, recently He insisted the incoming device will not be provided with an iris sensor present on the current Galaxy S9, allowing the face to be unblocked.

They said, "Yes, the S10 cancels the iris sensor and the ultrasonic fingerprint is enough to replace it.

"Compared to optical fingerprint sensors, the S10 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is faster and has a wider recognition area and 30 percent of the screens can be recognized.

"In 2019, at least for six months, the ultrasound and the new S10 screen technology are exclusive to Samsung."

The sensors on the front of the Galaxy S9 allow the user to choose between three variants of facial recognition.

The first is the scan of the iris which requires the user to align the eyes with the camera for detection.

However, S9 owners can also choose between standard facial recognition or Samsung's "Intelligent Scan" feature that presents a hybrid between iris and face scanning.

The scanner of the South Korean technology giant's iris was presented for the first time on the Galaxy Note 7 before being recalled.

However, if the tipster's claims are true, it seems that Samsung is destined to favor the unlocking of fingerprints on the screen as the main accessibility method for the Galaxy S10.


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