South Korean sources say that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S20 Lite, a high-end smartphone that is shaping up to be a version smaller and cheaper Galaxy S20, at least in theoryBecause, as many of our readers will know, the nickname “Lite” is no longer synonymous with “small,” and it is no longer synonymous with “cheap.”

The information we have about the Galaxy S20 Lite is still quite scarce, but we can assume that it will maintain the same base as the Galaxy S20. This means that this “Lite” version will have a similar design, the same all-screen format with a Dynamic AMOLED panel, a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen, a SoC Snapdragon 865-Exynos 990, 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage capacity.

Before someone questions this leak, let me remind you that Samsung launched, against all odds, last January the Galaxy S10 Lite, a terminal that, in the end, of «Lite» only had the name. With that precedent, it is easy to think that the Galaxy S20 Lite will end up following in its footsteps, both in design and hardware, and also in price.

As you may have imagined, this means that it does not necessarily have to be cheaper than the Galaxy S20, in fact it could end up being even more expensive than that. He Galaxy S10 Lite arrived, in fact, with an approximate price of 500 euros, and it is possible that the Galaxy S20 Lite positions in that same strip.

Galaxy S20 Lite in October, but why?

It’s a good question, why is Samsung launching a smartphone like this in the final stretch of the year? We do not have an official explanation, but we can get a pulling of logic and deduction. If everything goes according to plan Apple will present its new iPhone 12 in October, and Huawei will do the same with its new Mate. Launching the Galaxy S20 Lite in October allows Samsung to respond, albeit in a “light” way, to the new products from those two giants.

If this is confirmed Samsung will close a fairly complete 2020, since for the month of August the presentation of the new Galaxy Note 20 and a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip is also expected, a flexible smartphone that comes with a horizontal fold and that rescues the shell-like design that swept through the nineties .

We must not forget about Galaxy Fold 2, a flexible terminal that will keep the foundations of the original, although it will come with improvements in hardware and build quality to offer greater durability and a superior useful life. Its launch is expected in September. Its sale price has not transcended, but it is said that it will be much cheaper than the first generation model.

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