Galaxy Tab A8, big screen, giant battery, the latest tablet from the Galaxy Tab A Series family, available today.

Samsung Electronics Announcing the launch of the Galaxy Tab A8, the most compact and powerful tablet in the Galaxy Tab A Series family, packed with full specifications. both big screen Battery life and full performance in a lightweight design Ready to enhance every use from learning, entertainment, connectivity, and more, delivering a full-featured experience in a way that is easy to carry and fits every lifestyle. at a good price and can also connect to other Samsung Galaxy products seamlessly

Superior performance in every sense

Get started with your first touch of Galaxy Tab A8 with a unique tablet design. Including the same enchanting texture used on the Galaxy Tab S Series flagship tablets, this tablet comes with a lightweight design. 10.5-inch large screen and ultra-slim bezels with a screen-to-body ratio of 16:10, or 80% of the total size This will provide a more realistic viewing experience than previous tablets. Whether watching your favorite shows play games with friends or video call with family as well as online learning and work With features that help immerse yourself in entertainment to the fullest with 4 speakers, Quad-Speaker and Dolby Atmos sound system.® Available in the Galaxy Tab A8, it delivers rich, clear, 3D surround sound with unmatched detail, depth and realism.

New users of the Galaxy Tab A8 will also be able to watch YouTube Premium ad-free for 2 months, to keep watching their favorite videos uninterrupted. Without the need to leave the app open or can play videos even offline.

In addition to the amazing display, Galaxy Tab A8 packs in power and performance with up to 10% more CPU and GPU upgrades to deliver fast and smooth performance. 64GB of storage with a new 128GB of storage that can be expanded with a microSD memory card up to 1TB. Galaxy Tab A8 also comes with 4GB of RAM and a 7,040mAh battery with up to 15W fast charging helps. Allows users to watch streaming video Or you can study online for several hours until the end of the class. without worrying that the battery will run out

Comfortable and safe with Galaxy

Galaxy Tab A8 delivers great entertainment and experiences. This is complemented by an open ecosystem of Samsung Galaxy products. and many partners to help users make their daily life easier and better. which during the past two years Tablets have proven to be the ideal device for both work and entertainment. Including in education, the Galaxy Tab A8 comes with a Samsung Kids feature that contains interactive children’s content. which is caused by the cooperation of Samsung with global partners so that they can enjoy a fun and secure tablet experience. It also provides an opportunity for parents to be closely involved with their children wherever they are.

or if the child wants to use the tablet alone This feature also allows parents to schedule Galaxy Tab A8 usage time and track progress with their kids. Users can also customize the home screen to be more fun with a variety of icons and color schemes.

In terms of functionality, the Galaxy Tab A8 supports multitasking easily and efficiently by splitting the screen and opening two apps at the same time, or even adding a pop-up window with Multi-Active Window to Chat with your classmates, take notes, and watch presentations while you study at the same time, or when browsing the Internet. The user simply drags the link from the current window sideways to open the split screen. After that, Drag & Split feature will automatically open another browser. to make the use of the website more versatile

With the Galaxy Tab A8’s 8MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing camera, the Galaxy Tab A8 includes the latest features like Screen Recorder to record the screen. It will help users whether they are students, teachers or even gamers. Don’t miss any important moments Because this tablet can record video to store every detail of teaching. or even record your own voice at the same time with screen recording to give every explanation highlighting or write on the screen corresponds to the image seen on the screen. And when you want to switch from Galaxy Tab A8 to Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can share text, web pages, pictures between devices. with quick copy and paste

And most importantly, users can enjoy all the functions of Galaxy Tab A8 with confidence and peace of mind. Galaxy Tab A8 is backed by leading security platform Samsung Knox with multi-layer protection. Facial recognition makes the Galaxy Tab A8 owner the only person who can easily access the device. And continuous real-time protection of key software ensures that external threats cannot reach the device.


Galaxy Tab A8 is available in 2 colors: gray and pink gold. Available on January 14, 2022 onwards at a price of 10,990 baht for the LTE model and the Wi-Fi model at a price of 9,990 baht via, Samsung Experience Store and participating stores See more details at

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