Galicia announces that it will give a COVID vaccination certificate this month

Galicia will have health certificate COVID-19 this same month of April. This was announced this Monday by the president of the Xunta, Núñez Feijóo. It would be the first community to put this book into circulation that the European Commission has recently presented and that it plans to launch in June in all member countries.

However, the Galicians will be ahead of the rest and the Galician Health Service will begin to issue a document already this month with information regarding the vaccines, the disease and the tests carried out.

As explained by the Galician health authorities, it will have a QR code for data authentication, will be available first for those already immunized and it will be accessible through the E-saúde platform and the Pass Covid and Sergas Móbil applications. It can also be printed on paper from the medical record or administrative areas.

For now, the certificate of the Xunta it will be merely informative, as advanced a few days ago by the Regional Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, so for now it would not be binding to decide who can move and who cannot. Specifically, it will specify whether or not the disease has been passed, if one has a vaccine – if so, which drug, how many doses and from which batch – and the negative results of the tests that one has undergone.

However, the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, recalled that at this time “It is not appropriate to develop” this certificate at the regional level, rather, it has to be at the national level, at the same time that he has said that “we are already used to Mr. Feijóo announcing things that he does not start up later.”

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