Gamarra accuses the PSOE of "ideological transfuguism" for not denying the amnesty as "two months ago"

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Less than 24 hours before Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s investiture session, the two major parties are heating up over the appeals that the candidate will make to the “vote of conscience.” For the PSOE, the PP is trying to win the vote by looking for “turncoats” in the socialist group. And the general secretary of the popular, Cuca Gamarrahas answered them that the one who commits “transfuguism” is the party of Pedro Sanchez. “Ideological transfuguism”, in particular.

In a press conference at the national headquarters of the PP, on Génova Street in Madrid, Gamarra assured that “ideological transfuguism is telling the Spaniards that you’re not going to do something“, present yourself with that electoral program and two months later do the opposite.” He was referring, of course, to the possibility of amnesty for the crimes of the processsomething that the socialists flatly denied before the elections and that they now neither rule out nor confirm.

“Tomorrow, either Feijóo or amnesty,” Gamarra wanted to summarize. “The amnesty has not been dreamed of by the PP. Everyone is talking about amnesty. It is the demand they make of a party that is missing seven votes,” he said. “We have read in the media who the PSOE’s interlocutors are in relation to it. And, furthermore, if that were not the case, Mr. Sánchez would not have been silent for two months and would have denied it,” added the number two from Feijóo

On the other hand, Gamarra has confirmed the information of THE WORLD about the PP’s intention to join more mobilizations and demonstrations if the amnesty is confirmed. “The PP will join any demonstration that there may be or any call that calls for equality for all,” said the general secretary of the ‘popular’. “We are not going to remain silent, nor are we going to resign, nor is anyone going to prevent us from saying what we think,” she stressed. “Let Sánchez take good note,” she challenged.

In his attempt to give content and epicness to the fact of presenting an investiture that is already known to have failed, Gamarra has assured that “Alberto Núñez Feijóo will be the first candidate for the investiture who, although he may have the votes to be president, renounces getting them.” “We know what the demands are to get those votes, but the PP prefers dignity than a Government with indignity,” he stressed.

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