Gamarra calls for people to attend the demonstration in Madrid: "Feijoo or amnesty"

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The general secretary of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, stated this Saturday that next week’s investiture session of the PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is about choosing between “Feijóo or amnesty” and has made a call to participate in the demonstration called by the party for this Sunday in Madrid.

Asked about the possible favorable vote of socialist deputies for Feijóo’s investiture, Gamarra pointed out that “there is still time” for the PSOE to carry out an internal debate, if Pedro Sánchez “allows it”, since the ” big problem” of the PSOE is that “it is subjected” to it.

“Nothing is set in stone and they can still reflect and the PSOE can think if it is willing to deliver what Puigdemont and Junqueras are asking of them, which is equality between all Spaniards and say that democracy did not work when a coup d’état was attempted. in 2017,” he stated.

In his opinion, “the PSOE should reconsider and think if it is worth crossing that line they are willing to cross.”

For Gamarra, “there are many voices within the PSOE that in recent weeks have been positioning themselves and raising their voices. They can also do so internally in the PSOE and prevent it from taking that step that they will regret, without a doubt.”

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