Game of Thrones: How the Surprising Sex Scene Splits the Net – and how it was even worse


Note: This text reveals content from the current eighth season of “Game of Thrones” and from all previous seasons. If you have not seen all the consequences and would rather be surprised, you should stop reading here.

It was pretty quick: Smith Gendry and his old friend Arya Stark had just met again after years. He teased her as “My Lady”, made a dragonglass spear for her and was impressed with her dagger throwing skills. And unexpectedly, Arya, who had been precocious in the killings, decided to quickly lose her sexual innocence the night before the zombie apocalypse. And that the blacksmith should help her. Before it got too hot or too naked, the camera turned off even more bashfully.

love and hate

The reactions of the fans in the social media could not have been more different. Half of them expressed their dismay (“Nooo, she's our little girl”) and many of them also had concerns that this could be a minor sex. The Google searches for Arya's age shot up during the episode. For many fans Arya is still the eleven-year-old girl from the first episode, but at least seven years have passed since then. Even the UK offshoot of the home channel HBO made it clear with a tweet: Arya is already of age.

The other half of the fans, however, reacted completely differently – and celebrated the comparatively restrained sex act downright. After all, Arya was one of the first women in the series, who decided with whom she wanted to have her first time, had also decided with Gendry for a very attractive man. Also colleague Sophie Turner was visibly happy for her serial sister, posted an Instagram video in which it is about hopping Easter bunnies who would finally get “Pussay”. Well then.

It is much worse

The discussion about Arya's age should irritate many fans anyway – because other characters had clearly underage sex. When Queen Margaery Tyrell seduced her future husband Tommen Baratheon for the first time, she was in her late twenties and he was only 15. There was no shitstorm at the time. Even Arya's sister Sansa and Daenerys Targaryen were rather underage when they first went to bed with their new husbands – and then brutally raped.

In old plans for his books, author George R.R. Martin in any case, a much wilder fate for Arya Stark considered. She was supposed to fall in love with someone else, according to old notes that came out in 2017: her half-brother Jon Snow. Their passion was to torment them for years, Inzest King Martin had considered. Only in the last book they should then learn that the allegedly forbidden love was none.

Conflicts would have been ample: Gnome Tyrion Lennister should fall in love with the plans in Arya, after he had changed sides. “His passion – albeit unrequited but not less intense – leads to a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow,” reads Martin's notes. Since we can be glad that it came in the end very different.


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