Game of Thrones, season 8: Can Bran Stark against Daenerys and his dragon? (SPOILER)


Brandon Stark did not appear in season 8 of Game of Thrones from episode 4. Who became the three-eyed crow still has a role to play in the series?

For ten years, fans of Game of Thrones have followed the evolution of Brandon Stark to become the Three-Eyed Crow, a being with powerful magical powers presented as the last bastion of the humanity of facing the threat represented by the Night King and the White Walkers. So much so that, at the beginning of this final season 8, we presented the young man as the most important character in the series.

It is a euphemism to say that we have magnificently planted this. At least for now. A ninja jump from his sister, Arya Stark, armed with a Valyrian steel dagger with which he executed a magic trick from one hand to the other, it will finally have been enough to end the existence of several millennia of the king of the night.

From what we know, Brandon Stark did not take part in the masses in this happy outcome – except that he gave the dagger to Arya in season 7, let's give it to him – since he was, as usual, lost in one of his visions as he the world crumbled around him (remembers Meera running away from the army of the Night King while Horod was stabbed while holding the door in season 6, while Bran was in full psychedelic journey). Episode 4 was Brandon Stark's last appearance in the series? Let's hope not, because his powers could be of great help to the final result of the saga. Explanations.

"You will never walk again, but you will be able to fly"

In season four, Bran makes his first encounter with Three-Eyed Crow after a long journey across lands beyond the Wall. When he asks the old rooted bird if he walks again, he tells him that it will not happen, but that he will be able to fly. Which is rather comforting in a sense.

From this moment, the theory that Bran Stark is able, at some point, to take control of one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons – or the Night King when he managed to kill and revive Viserion – to help free Westeros from an immediate threat, it began to take shape. If our accounting is good, there are not many villains left in this story: the leader of the White Marks has been reduced to crushed ice, and Cersei Lannister rests under several tons of stone.

Against all odds (except for those who had courageously relied on the "Queen Matta" theory), Daenerys Targaryen assumed the role of antagonist putting the city of Port-Réal to fire during the war. episode 5 using his last dragon, Drogon. A tragedy Bran Stark had a taste of one of his visions two seasons ago.

He had seen Drogon fly over Port-Real. He also saw Aerys Targaryen, the "Mad King", father of Daenerys and grandfather of Jon Snow, who screamed in the throne room to burn the city and its inhabitants (a father who must be proud of his daughter) before being killed by the sword of Jaime Lannister.

Bran Stark suspected that such carnage would take place? Probably not (or so, it is not of assistance to anyone in danger). But now that Daenerys Targaryen is about to begin his reign of terror, his magical powers could prove very useful against the Dothrakis and the Immaculate army. If he can take control of Drogon, he will be able to decimate the armed forces of the "Queen of Ashes" in seconds.

You can count on Sansa Stark as one of her most loyal supporters if you find out you are able to get such a tour de force (she will personally push her wheelchair to Port-Réal if that is the case). She who dreams of only one thing, sees Daenerys Targaryen bite the dust and, why not, see a member of House Stark sit on the throne.

Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen, is the rightful heir of the Throne of Swords … but he still says he doesn't want to govern Westeros. Ditto for Arya Stark. Bran is the crow with three eyes, and he also has no intention of governing, preferring to escape in his visions at the first opportunity. If you think about it, Sansa Stark could be the big winner of this story, formed by the greatest manipulator of the seven-crown kingdom, Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger.

Do you already feel the fans of the series that scandalize the scandal?



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