Game of Thrones shows the first pictures of the final – and the fans are disappointed


Note: This text reveals content from the current eighth season of “Game of Thrones” and from all previous seasons. If you have not seen all the consequences and would rather be surprised, you should stop reading here.

It is likely to be the most anticipated finale in TV history: after eight years and as many seasons, “Game of Thrones” is coming to an end on Monday. To incite the hype, home station HBO now shared the first two pictures of the season – and the fans reacted disappointed to annoyed.

Tyrion in the ashes – one of only two teaser images for the last episode of “Game of Thrones”

The simple reason: Both pictures only show what was already visible in the teaser video. “These are the same pictures as in the clips”, many complain on Twitter. One of the pictures shows a petrified-looking Tyrion Lennister in the burnt ruins of Königsmund, the clasp of the King's hand on the lapel. After all, he is still in office. The second scene can also be seen in more detail in the teaser: Queen Daenerys Targaryen goes through the ashes after her massacre of Königsmund, before her the gigantic army of the Immaculate.

The second picture shows Daenerys in front of their troops. With the fans, it raises several questions

The second picture shows Daenerys in front of their troops. With the fans, it raises several questions

Hardly any joy among the fans

For the fans, both pictures do not want to trigger such a hype. “I did not expect anything and was disappointed,” writes user “Kaputsky”. Above all, the seemingly far too large army is skeptical. “Can we be sure that Daenerys is now not the Queen of the Night, after all, she is constantly rebuilding her dead troops,” complains “Memes of Thrones” on Twitter. The snow in the picture also causes amazement. “Has it ever snowed in Königsmund?” Asks “VeggieBowls”.

Others are probably simply in the bone that Daenerys, long celebrated by the series as the heroine of the weak, in the final episode just committed a genocide (Here you will learn how actress Emilia Clarke and the makers explain the change). “If interested that. The series is dead to me”, “Αρτεμισα Γκογκο” only dry summarizes the opinion of many disappointed.

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